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LPL CoD Premiership – Crucial vs Incept

Posted by tanialpl Nov 24, 2016 in Call of Duty

Heading into this match, Crucial had yet to find any points. Incept meanwhile, had already scored six points. Both of these teams were still untested, but Incept looked solid against 7-Seas. This would be a great opportunity for Crucial to pull off the upset.

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Match: 1/5 – Map: Frost – Mode: Hardpoint

Incept’s Jacob “JayTex” Reeves-Parmenter started the map on an absolute roll, going on a 6 killstreak. Incept would also claim a 30-14 lead after the first hardpoint, Ridge. Incept would dominate Cryo as well, extending their lead to 63-22.

Despite Crucial’s early rotation, it was Incept’s JayTex going on another killstreak of 5, enabling Incept’s successful offensive. Robot Bay was another successful fight for Incept, pushing their lead to 151-28.

Crucial would finally get some more points on Ridge, as Alan “DeviiousFlow” Simona went on a 3 killstreak to start the defensive. Incept would take control of Cyro after Ashu “Sezleyy” Poudel went on a killstreak of 6, pushing their lead to 193-70.

Incept, led by Rory “Cruze” Hunn, would take initial control of Research. Crucial would retake control with 20 seconds left, but Incept led 203-94.

At Robot Bay, Cruze was the first to the hardpoint, helping Incept take a 239-101 lead. Ridge was back in rotation, and Incept grabbed the lead for the final time, ending the map with a 250-107 win.

Match: 2/5 – Map: Crusher – Mode: SND

Incept was able to take bombsite B and get a clean plant, but Cruze was left in a 1v2 situation. Cruze would take down Josh “Hidden_Horizon” Hanna first and then DeviiousFlow, but DeviiousFlow was able to get the bomb defused just before he died, putting Crucial up 1-0.

Crucial would mirror Incept’s strategy from the previous round, rushing bombsite B. Incept would clean Crucial though, getting the defuse in time to make it 1-1. Despite Incept getting the bomb planted, Crucial was able to go 4-0 and defuse the bomb to go up 2-1.

In round four, Incept proved to be the better marksmen, winning the round pretty quickly to tie the map at 2-2. Incept got a great plant at bombsite B once again, with some great defense netting them another win in round five.

Incept continued their win streak into round six, methodically dissecting Crucial’s map movements. Crucial would make this a contested map once again in round seven, with some quick kills putting them just one win behind.

Round eight was over quickly, with Incept picking apart Crucial’s fast push to bombsite A. with match point up, Incept made a great plant at bombsite B, but a great play by West “Zovacx” Clinton gave Incept the win.

Match: 3/5 – Map: Mayday – Mode: Uplink

Incept’s JayTex put Incept on the board first with a great dive for the 2 point dunk. JayTex would score moments later, putting Incept up 4-0 with three minutes left in the first half. Cruze would get a great dunk with one minute left, extending Incept’s lead to 6-0.

Cruze went with a safe throw to give Incept yet another point right before halftime, with Incept shutting Crucial out 7-0. The second half started out slow before JayTex scored with 2:40 left.  Sezleyy added two more points moments later.

Crucial’s Hidden_Horizon finally put his team on the board with an excellent throw. Sezleyy scored again for Incept with 30 seconds left, with Cruze going on an 8 killstreak. The final score of the map would be 12-1.

Match: 4/5 – Map: Breakout – Mode: Hardpoint

The first hardpoint, Visitor Room, was tightly contested by both teams, with neither team taking a real lead. Incept would be the first to Cell Block however, giving them a quick 20 point lead. Crucial would take some final points as Incept rotated to Graveyard first.

Despite Incept’s early control, Crucial was able to push in to keep the map relatively close. JayTex went on a 5 killstreak in the last 20 seconds however, giving Incept a 74-44 lead. Incept had complete control of Commissary, as JayTex and Cruze went on a 4 and 7 killstreak, respectively.

Visitors Room also belonged to Incept, as they pushed their lead to 160-67. Crucial would take control of Cell Block, gaining some momentum as Hidden_Horizon went on a 6 killstreak.

Down 64 points, Crucial was unable to hold control of Graveyard. Cruze went on a 4 killstreak, with Incept going up 190-105 as the teams headed to the Commissary.

Commissary remained hotly contested, but Incept was increasingly getting closer to 250 points. Visitor Room was complete madness as well, as Crucial desperately tried to keep Incept out. Incept would take complete control of Cell Block, winning the map 250-137.

Match:5/5 – Map: Frost – Mode: SND

Round one heavily favored Crucial, as the team was able to pick up three kills in quick succession to start out the game. Cruze couldn’t pull out the 1vs3, with Crucial going up 1-0.

Round two was tightly contested, with it coming down to a 2vs2. Incept evened it up with a great bomb defense as Zovacx made a great play to pick up two kills. Round three was another great flank play by Incept, picking up an easy win to go up 2-1.

Round four was a great turnaround for Crucial, picking up a quick win after some great gun fights.

With the map tied at 2-2, round five was as close as they get. With a 1vs1 situation between Incept’s JayTex and Crucial’s Hidden_Horizon, it was Hidden_Horizon getting a great headshot to give Crucial a 3-2 win.

Incept was back to their dominating ways in round six, claiming a quick win to make it 3-3. Round seven ended just as fast, as Cruze executed a huge flank to give Incept a 4-3 lead. Round eight was once again the Cruze show, pulling Incept to within match point.

Round nine was over as soon as it began, with Incept taking the 6-3 lead to sweep all five maps.