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LPL CoD Premiership – Incept vs 7-Seas

Posted by tanialpl Nov 22, 2016 in Call of Duty

Incept is one of the dark horse teams to look for this tournament, going through the entire qualifying tournament undefeated. 7-Seas was another strong performer, but as of yet an unproven team in the LPL CoD Premiership.

You can checkout all of the LPL Call of Duty Premiership matches on Letsplay.live’s Twitch channel or live weekly on SKY TV and Twitch.tv.

From our second matchup over the weekend, it was 7-Seas vs. Incept!

Match: 1/5 – Map: Frost – Mode: Hardpoint

Incept came out guns blazing, picking up two quick kills and storming the first Hardpoint. 7-Seas was able to respond by claiming the second Hardpoint, but Incept’s Rory “Cruzeey” Hunn was able to help his team retake it.

Heading towards the third Hardpoint, Incept’s Ashu “Sezleyy” Poudel went on a five kill streak. 7-Seas was fighting back though, actually taking the lead 92-90. 7-Seas Mitchell “Ohviper” Horne had 17 kills, leading the way for all players.

With the game still in the balance, it was Incept that was able to control the Ridge Hardpoint. Up 141-139, the match was still extremely close. Incept was able to take a decent lead around submarine, going up 218-190.

Cruzeey went off to secure Incept the lead for good, single handedly bringing Incept to victory with an amazing killstreak.

Match: 2/5 – Map: Crusher – Mode: SND

Round one Incept was able to draw first blood, forcing 7-Seas to change direction and plant at bombsite B. Incept had a 2vs1 advantage, taking down Trae “Emerge_Aqua” Brown and defusing the bomb.

Round two was also extremely close, coming down to a 1vs1 between 7-Sea’s Daniel “Hoode_” James and Incept’s Sezleyy. With just 18 seconds left, Sezleyy was able to get the frag and round two victory for his team.

Round three was a decisive win for Incept, extending their lead to 3-0. 7-Seas put themselves in great position in round four, picking up two quick kills for a 4vs2. Incept still was able to out maneuver 7-Seas, getting the bomb down. Jacob “Jaytex” Reeves-Parmenter was able to hold off the 1vs2 for Incept, pulling out the improbable win.

Round five was another dominating performance by Incept, extending their winning streak to 5 with match point next. Incept cruised to the 6-0 sweep, showing why they’re a contender here at the LPL CoD Premiership.

Match: 3/5 – Map: Mayday – Mode: Uplink

With 7-Seas still looking for their first map win, it was Hoode that score first for 7-Seas. Cruzeey tied it up moments later for Incept with a great throw. A dunk by Hoode a few moments later gave 7-Seas a 3-1 lead. That would remain the score until halftime, with some great defense by 7-Seas.

A crack in 7-Seas defense allowed for Cruzeey to sneak in for a dunk, tieing the map 3-3. Another quick score by Cruzeey gave Incept their first lead with 2:20 left to play. 7-Seas was able to take a safe shot after killing three of Incepts member, giving them a chance to tie the game with 1:30 left.

Sezleyy and Cruzeey dashed 7-Seas hopes, getting two quick scores to give Incept a 9-4 lead with 40 seconds left. Another score with a few seconds remaining gave Incept an 11-4 final win on Crusher.

Match: 4/5 – Map: Breakout – Mode: Hardpoint

Incept’s West “zovacx” Clinton was huge at the beginning of this map, scoring five consecutive kills while holding down the first Hardpoint. Cruzeey was able to also go 4-1. It resulted in an early 31-1 lead for Incept.

7-Seas Luke “Loukas_” Weight pulled his team back into contention, leading the way with a 16-9 K/D. 7-Seas pulled to within 20 points, with Hoode going on a six kill streak.

Incept retook control of the map a few minutes later, increasing their lead to 165-104. With the commissary and visiting room coming up, it was 7-Seas needing a fantastic hold to pull this map back into their favor.

JayTex was once again crucial for Incept at the end of the game, killing multiple members of 7-Seas. Incept now led 225-156. JayTex had one more kill streak left in him, pushing Incept to a 250-160 win with a great equalizer at the end of the map.

Match: 5/5 – Map: Frost – Mode: SND

7-Seas had one opportunity left to take a map off of Incept. Despite losing all four maps, 7-Seas remained competitive.

Incept ran out to two quick victories, going up 2-0 without much contention from 7-Seas. Round three was much closer, with a 1vs1 between zovacx and Emerge_Aqua. Zovacx was able to plant the bomb, then double back around and kill Emerge_Aqua, who was attempting to defuse the bomb.

A 4-0 sweep in round four gave Incept yet another win. Round five saw 7-Seas with another chance at a win, Sezleyy was left in a 1vs2. Sezleyy took down Hoode_ before OhViper_ suicided, giving Incept a 5-0 win.

With the next five rounds match point for Incept, 7-Seas would need a miracle to come back. It came down to a 1v2, with 7-Seas finally picking off zovacx to pick up their first win in round six.

Round seven came down to another 1vs2, with Incept’s Cruzeey getting the bomb plant. 7-Seas was able to take him down though, getting the defuse in time as well to make it 5-2.

As improbable as it may be, 7-Seas found themselves with another win in round eight, holding off three consecutive match points now. Incept was able to plant the bomb in round nine, but 7-Seas played it cool and picked off each member of Incept before defusing the bomb.

An amazing finish to round ten, with Incept’s Sezleyy outplaying the 1vs2 and defusing the bomb, gave Incept the 6-4 win to finally finish the map. It was a great push at the end for 7-Seas, but it came up just short.