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LPL CoD Premiership – Slicer vs. 7-Seas

Posted by tanialpl Nov 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

Slicer has looked dominant so far this tournament. Meanwhile, 7-seas was looking to pull off the upset by subbing in Purgaay over Mitchell “Ohviper” Horne.

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Match: 1/5 – Map: Frost – Mode: Hardpoint

7-Seas Daniel “Hoode” James picked up the FHR-40, touted by many early players as the best gun in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Meanwhile, Trae “Emerge_Aqua” Brown went with the OSA, a fully automatic rapid-fire ballistic rifle that we haven’t seen yet this tournament.

For Slicer, Guy “Guydra” Worthington went with the Karma-45, a submachine gun with built-in dual magazines for faster reloads. Reef “YKEminence” Galloway went with the full-auto energy firearm, equipped with a wide dispersion muzzle dampens recoil, providing highest accuracy in class.

Slicer proved why they’re one of the best teams here at the LPL CoD Premiership, holding down the hardpoints with vigor. Guydra was a significant reason for Slicer’s lead, continuously finding double kills. Purgaay was having a difficult time keeping pace, falling behind in kills early.

In the end, Slicer won 145-250.

Match: 2/5 – Map: Crusher – Mode: SND

YKEminence was one of the key players to watch on Crusher, having dominating performances in the midlane on this map.

7-Seas came out in round one on map two with a decisive win. YKEminence was big in round two, picking up two quick kills to give Slicer a 1-1 tie. 7-Seas called Slicers bluff in round three, catching only two Slicer members at bombsite A. A great rewind by 7-Seas netted them the win.

With 7-Seas up 2-1, round 4 was hotly contested. Hoode made a great play to try and save the round, picking up two kills, but the 1vs1 went to Guydra.

7-Seas rushed bombsite B just like in their round one win, but Slicer pulled the flank and got off the defuse to take a 3-2 series lead. Slicer showed why they’re one of the best teams in this tournament, securing round six with some excellent fragging.

YKEminence was once again showing his dominance in round seven, showing no fear and defusing the bomb. With map point at stakes, Slicer was able to get the bomb down and hold off to win the round quite easily.

Match: 3/5 – Map: Mayday – Mode: Uplink

It was Dean “Dean2G” Beldzinski turn to shine for Slicer on Mayday. He quickly ran out to a 10 kill lead, helping Slicer secure an early 4-0 lead. Hoode finally put 7-Seas on the scoreboard with 1:27 left, making the match 6-1 in favor of Slicer.

Slicer was up 7-1 as we switched sides. It was more of Dean2G and Guydra making plays, holding off 7-Seas for yet another victory. Slicer won 10-3, with Dean2G going 28-18.
Slicer was now up 3-0 with just two rounds to play.

Match: 4/5 – Map: Breakout – Mode: Hardpoint

Dean2G and YKEminence carried over their momentum from map three, coming out fast and securing hardpoints. Trae “Emerge_Aqua” Brown and Hoode_ did their best to hold off Slicer, but it proved to be quite the challenge.

Slicer was able to increase their lead to 100 points, with all members of Slicer having over 15 kills each. 7-Seas was just not able to keep up with Slicer’s movements, as Slicer easily took map four 250-77.

Match: 5/5 – Map: Frost – Mode: SND

7-Seas grabbed the first game on map five. The second round ended in disaster, with Purgaay falling off of the map before he could even get to bombsite A.

7-Seas had another great chance in the third round, with only Ryan “Killerpie” Wallath left alive against three 7-Seas members. After picking off two players, it came down to Killerpie and Purgaay. Unfortunately for Purgaay, he could not find redemption from his previous blunder in game two. Slicer was now up 2-1.

The next round was over in a flash (the fastest round yet this tournament), with Slicer pushing their lead to 3-1. Emerge_Aqua was huge in game four for 7-Seas, turning this map back around. Slicer was still up 3-2, however.

Game six was another technical outing for Slicer, winning the round 4-2. YKEminence went off in round 7, going 5-2 with match point up next.

7-Seas came back in round eight, making it a 2vs2 situation. 7-Seas bled Killerpie dry and Guydra fell off the map. Slicer rushed bombsite B, catching 7-Seas out of position. Slicer took round 9 and match point, catching Hoode trying to sneak a defuse for the win.

That would be match point for Slicer, taking all five games against 7-Seas.