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LPL CoD Premiership – Slicer vs Astonish

Posted by tanialpl Dec 10, 2016 in Call of Duty

Slicer is most certainly one of our superstar teams here, with championship aspirations on their minds. Meanwhile, Astonish is still trying to find out how to contend with the top two teams. Can they avoid a 5-0 sweep here?

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Match: 1/5 – Map: Throwback – Mode: Hardpoint

Slicer started out the map with four consecutive kills, but Astonish would not relent the hardpoint. Astonish’s Mason “Teraah” Tongiahoe was making sure Slicer didn’t run out to a big lead, grabbing 10 kills as the teams headed to Bike Path with the score 39-27.

Slicer really took over this map at Lime, with multiple members of Slicer going on killstreaks. Reef “YKEminence” Galloway led the way with an 8 killstreak as Slicer built a 123-53 lead.

Slicer beat Astonish to Train Station, setting up yet another beautiful defensive positioning. Astonish would close the gap at Barn 86-156. Bike Path was hotly contested as well, but Slicer was proving to be too mechanically sound on this map.

Slicer was all over Baseball Field, with Lime a decisive hardpoint coming up. Once again Slicer beat Astonish to the point, with Ryan “killerpie” Wallath already securing 40 kills.

Up 239-128, Slicer only needed to hold Train Platform for 10 seconds. Astonish would take it early, but Slicer strategically picked them off before taking the hill, winning the map 250-136.

Match: 2/5 – Map: Crusher – Mode: SND

Astonish was attacking first in round one, rushing bombsite B. However, Slicer was there to meet them. Three quick kills gave Slicer a 1-0 win before Astonish could even plant the bomb. Round two was all Astonish, taking the round in under 30 seconds with some great plays by Devantae “Erah” Uluvili.

Slicer was much more patient in round three, waiting for Astonish to make mistakes before cleaning up the 1vs3 for an easy win. Slicer got the bomb plant in round four, leaving a 1vs1 between Slicer’s Dean “Dean2G” Beldzinski and Astonish’s Teraah. Dean2G was able to get the kill after Teraah had to commit to the defuse.

Round five was extremely close, leaving a 2vs2. Dean2G took down Sean “Sportsta” Blanchette to make it a 2v1. Teraah was able to get the bomb planted, but Dean2G grabbed the kill and defused the bomb.

Round six was just as close as round five. Astonish had a great chance to win, but they allowed Slicer to plant the bomb with 5 seconds left in the match. That was a crucial mistake, giving Slicer a 5-1 lead with match point on the line.

Astonish was able to extend this map by one more round, but Slicer was clinical in round eight, taking the map 6-2.

Match: 3/5 – Map: Precinct – Mode: Uplink

Astonish would strike first after a great rush and throw by Erah put his team up 1-0 just 20 seconds into the map. Slicer would quickly respond though, with Dean2G scoring a dunk to make it 2-1.

Astonish would reclaim the lead after a great dunk by Erah. Astonish then played some sound defense for the rest of the first half. YKEminence would tie it up right before the first half with a quick throw.

Dean2G came out early to give Slicer a quick lead. Two quick dunks by Guy “Guydra” Worthington put Slicer up 8-3. Another dunk by YKEminence essentially sealed this map for Slicer. The final score would be 14-5.

Match: 4/5 – Map: Frost – Mode: Hardpoint

Just like the last hardpoint map, Astonish came out battling. They were only down 10 points heading to Research, but it was Slicer taking control behind a 12-5 Dean2G. Robot Bay would also belong to Slicer, extending their lead to 127-52.

Ridge was hotly contested early on, with both teams swapping control. Astonish would take some points at Cryo as well, but Slicer still had a 168-93 lead. Both teams were aced at Research, with players just charging in relentlessly.

Killerpie was huge as the teams headed to Robot Bay once again, despite Teraah trying everything he can to keep his team in it. The score was 208-121 as the teams headed to Ridge.

Slicer was great on Ridge all map, and once again they were able to get a great defense going. Astonish couldn’t get on the hill initially, but they were able to extend it to the next hardpoint.

Slicer beat Astonish to Cryo, effectively winning the map 250-129.

Match: 5/5 – Map: Throwback – Mode: SND

Slicer went completely offensive in round one, rushing right at Astonish for a quick win. Round two was much of the same, with Slicer getting a clean sweep.

Slicer was on fire, completely dominating round three. This was a team in total control. Round four was another tactical masterpiece, as YKEminence was 9-0 with Warden available next round.

Despite the warden being down, Astonish was able to get the ace and defuse at the very last second to win the round. That was one of the craziest rounds we’ve ever seen.

Round six was back to the usual, with Slicer just cruising through. Round seven Astonish found a great opportunity, winning a 3vs1 and defusing the bomb. Unfortunately, round eight was back to business for Slicer, winning the map 6-2.