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LPL CoD Premiership – Slicer vs Incept

Posted by tanialpl Nov 28, 2016 in Call of Duty

In our match of the week, it was two first place teams going head to head. Slicer is considered one of the top teams here at the LPL Call of Duty Premiership. Meanwhile, Incept was a dark horse, surprising many so far in this tournament.

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Match: 1/5 – Map: Scorch – Mode: Hardpoint

Slicer was the first to Bridge, with Reef “YKEminence” Galloway running out to a quick 4 killstreak. His teammate, Ryan “Killerpie” Wallath, quickly matched his 4 kills, with Slicer running out to a quick 25-2 lead.

Heading to hardpoint number two, Turbine, Slicer was once again in control. YKEminence was displaying his dominance, leading the way with an 11-5 KD. Hangar was hotly contested, with Incept getting a few more points on the board. Slicer was just proving to be too much though, taking a 108-12 lead.

Incept had Drill early on, with Rory “Cruzeey” Hunn holding it down. Bridge featured another great set of skirmishes, with Slicer pulling out the hardpoint with 30 seconds remaining. Beyond held a 152-58 lead heading towards Turbine.

It was Slicer in control for the rest of this match. Slicer completely dominated Hangar, going up 236-68. Slicer was already in control of the next hardpoint, Drill, ending the map 250-68, another dominating performance by Slicer in this tournament.

Match: 2/5 – Map: Retaliation – Mode: SND

Incept started out strong, grabbing two quick kills and then tracking down the last two members of Slicer for the round one victory.

In round two, it was Incept’s Cruzeey taking down YKEminence immediately, joining his teammate, Ashu “Sezleyy” Poudel, at 2-0. That great start was quickly erased by Slicer though, picking up three kills in succession. West “zovacx” Clinton was able to take down one, but it was Slicer getting the kill and defusing the bomb.

Round three Slicer planted at bombsite B, but zovacx was able to take down YKEminence and defuse the bomb, giving Incept a 2-1 lead. Round four Slicer was back in control, winning the 2vs1 with a great frag by YKEminence on zovacx, tucked away in the graveyard corner.

Round five started out great for Incept leaving a 2vs1 situation. Slicer’s Dean “Dean2G” Beldzinski had other ideas. After a great out duel with Cruzeey, Dean2G took out Jacob “JayTex” Reeves-Parmenter, who appeared to not have seen him. This is the second game in a row that has ended for Incept because they have failed to check corners efficiently.

Incept got a great bomb plant at bombsite B in round six. Sezleyy was crucial for Incept as well this round, picking up two kills while defending the bomb. Another great performance by Incept tied up this map at 3 games apiece.
Round seven started out favorably for Incept, with JayTex taking down Guydra as he attempted to plant the bomb at bombsite B. Slicer comes back though, with Killerpie picking up the final kill.

After trading kills in round eight, Incept was able to get the bomb planted at bombsite B. Slicer was the more efficient team though, picking up the defuse to go up 5-3.

Match point was on the line, and Slicer could feel it. Slicer swept the round in less than 30 seconds, their most dominating round of the map.

Match: – 3/5 Map: Throwback – Mode: Uplink

Slicer was the first to score, getting a quick two point dunk with 2:40 left in the first half. Another throw just moments later pushed Slicer’s lead to 3-0. A great frag grenade by YKEminence and a pass to Guydra put Slicer up 5-0.

A throw from Dean2G with 22 seconds left increased Slicer’s score to 6-0. A dunk with just two seconds left gave Slicer a demanding 8-0 lead at halftime.

YKEminence kept Slicer’s dominance going in the second half, scoring a dunk a minute in. That set the tone, as Slicer dominated this map, shutting out Incept 19-0.

Match: 4/5 – Map: Precinct – Mode: Hardpoint

Slicer was first in the Lobby, but Cruzeey and zovacx were able to pick up a combined 5 kills. Cruzeey would go off, helping Incept secure an early 34-22 lead. Slicer would have control of the next hardpoint, Tickets, erasing Incept’s lead. Incept would grab the last 20 seconds though, keeping the map close.

Slicer had the early control over Construction, but Incept was able to battle back, reclaiming the lead 76-75 as the teams headed to Charging Station. At the next hardpoint, Slicer was able to win the team fights early on.

Park started out in great shape for Incept, but Slicer’s YKEminence went on a killstreak of 3 to take control. Slicer led 130-96 as we headed over to Lobby. Lobby was hotly contested, but it was Slicer winning the narrow fights. Dean2G went on a 7 killstreak before Incept shut him down

Tickets was heavily controlled by Slicer, just as it was earlier in the map. Incept did take the final 20 seconds of Tickets, but Slicer was able to out rotate Incept to Construction. A great rewind by killerpie put a lot of pressure on Incept.

Up 214-144 with Charging Station up, Incept lost control early, with Slicer inching closer to victory. YKEminence went on a 6 killstreak, helping Slicer control Park. The final was 250-165.

Match: 5/5 – Map: Scorch – Mode: SND

Round one was closely contested, but Slicer played the 2vs1 perfectly to claim the victory. Round two featured a great 2vs2 after Sezleyy pulled out a great flank gank. Dean2G would find two beautiful frags to clean up the round for Slicer.

Round three Slicer was left in a favorable 2vs1 situation. Zovacx was the only member remaining for Incept, but he was able to take down Dean2G in a great gun battle, leaving him in a 1vs1 situation with killerpie. Zovacx was able to get the bomb planted just in time, but it was killerpie winning the 1vs1 and defusing the bomb.

Slicer secured bombsite B, getting a great plant. Incept was able to dwindle them down, but it was Dean2G with the clutch play at the end to give Slicer a 4-0 lead. Slicer flexed their muscle in round five, trading 4 for 2 in what was a really clean round.

With match point on the line, Slicer had their most dominant round of the map, sweeping Incept.

Slicer now remains solely in first place with 18 points. Incept had moments where they could compete against Slicer, but for the large part Slicer dominated. There’s still plenty of time for Incept to grow, and they’re still a contender in this tournament.