MATCH ID: 74017

Delta Brotherhood: Team 1

500 - 291

Vatos Locos

Delta Brotherhood: Team 1

Vatos Locos




Unknown Game




Standard Match



Match time

July 11th, 10:00pm AEST

Match Details

Match ID:74017
Match Name:Match 74017
Vatos Locos won the coin flip
Status: Completed
Time: July 11th, 10:00pm AEST
Timezone: Australia/Sydney
Platform: AU: pc
Winner: Delta Brotherhood: Team 1
Competition: MW2 Domination CGo Ladder
Server: TBA
Initital match creation work in progress.
Played: 3997 days, 1 hour, 44 min ago
Delta Brotherhood: Team 1 won the match 500-291
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Delta Brotherhood: Team 1
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Vatos Locos
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Delta Brotherhood: Team 1

Best of 1


Delta Brotherhood: Team 1 vs Vatos Locos

A match: Delta Brotherhood: Team 1 vs Vatos Locos scheduled for Sunday 10:00pm July 11th 2010 AEST