MATCH ID: 994240

Dicks Up for the Boys

0 - 1

Life is a Movie

Dicks Up for the Boys

Life is a Movie








Ladder Match



Match time

May 8th, 8:00pm AEST

Match Details

Match ID:994240
Match Name:Match 994240
Dicks Up for the Boys won the coin flip
Status: Completed
Time: May 8th, 8:00pm AEST
Timezone: Australia/Sydney
Platform: AU: PC
Division: Open
Winner: Life is a Movie
Played: 141 days, 13 hours, 8 min ago
Life is a Movie won the match 1-0
Life is a Movie gained 38 ELO
Dicks Up for the Boys lost 38 ELO
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Dicks Up for the Boys
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Life is a Movie
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Life is a Movie

Best of 1



Map #1 - Bind
1-0 win to Life is a Movie

Only one team has submitted the scores
Dicks Up for the Boys submitted:
Bind14-12 win to Dicks Up for the Boys
Submitted by Snobby - 8:53pm 8/5/22

Dicks Up for the Boys vs Life is a Movie

A LPL Valorant 2022: Open match scheduled for Sunday 8:00pm May 8th 2022 AEST.

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