Welcome to the NZESF High School League National Championship

LetsPlay.Live (LPL) are excited to announce that we have partnered with the New Zealand Esports Federation to introduce the NZESF High School League National Championship.

Beginning in 2020, the NZESF will host an annual National Championship esports event to crown New Zealand's national high school esports champs across a variety of game titles.

High school students residing in New Zealand will have from Tuesday 27th November until Friday 6th November 12:00pm NZDT to register their schools teams. Schools can have multiple teams for each game, but individual students must play on one team per title. Each team must have a member of faculty registered and confirmed as the team supervisor.

For more information on each game title and to register, please click the respective game tile below.


What is High School League?
The NZESF HSL National Championship, also known as High School League (HSL) is an inter-school esports tournament that provides New Zealand high school students with a fun, competitive, and rewarding esports experience. It operates extremely similarly to traditional high school sports. We promote esports as a positive activity that opens up team building, leadership and self-improvement opportunities to a wider range of students outside the traditional field and court sports.

What is the New Zealand Esports Federation?
The New Zealand Esports Federation (NZESF) is the official national sporting body for esports in New Zealand. Officially recognised by the International Esports Federation in 2018 and by Sport New Zealand in March 2020, the NZESF oversee and champion safe, fair and diverse competitive video game tournaments throughout the country.

For more information on HSL and the NZESF, email [email protected]

What are the requirements to compete in HSL? / How old do I have to be to compete in HSL?
Students must be enrolled in Year 9 - 13 in any New Zealand-based high school or secondary school.

For Dota 2, school teams need a minimum of 5 players per team. For Rocket League, school teams need a minimum of 3 players per team. For CS:GO, school teams need a minimum of 5 players per team. Each school also needs at least one supervising teacher on-board.

Can my friend from another school play on my team?
Unfortunately students may only compete for the school they are currently enrolled at.

I have just graduated Year 12/13 in November - December, but I would like to compete in the NZESF HSL Championship this year. Can I still compete?
Firstly: Congratulations! Secondly: Yes you can! Please let our Admin team know via the Discord if this is the case for you or a team member.

My parent/teacher is unsure about esports and would like more information. What can we do to encourage support for HSL?
The NZESF HSL National Championship aims to change negative perceptions around video games by offering a structured, disciplined esports league for high school students promoting academic success, sportsmanship, leadership skills and critical thinking.

The NZESF is the official sporting body of esports in New Zealand, backed by Sport New Zealand. This means that all NZESF sanctioned esports tournaments will have organisers that have met certain minimum standards and passed some basic due diligence by the NZESF. This should give participants some assurance that this is a serious, legitimate high school sports event with support from Sport New Zealand, including but not limited to: funding, integrity, support, etc.

Our key pillars state that students must be achieving within the classroom to participate in this tournament. Bad sportsmanship and online behaviour is not tolerated and will absolutely be disciplined by the HSL admins monitoring the league.

The NZESF HSL National Championship provides students with the ability to compete in male, female, non-binary and mixed teams. Participation is not limited by geography or physical attributes, and gives students an opportunity to represent and be proud of their school where they otherwise might not with the likes of traditional sports.

Parents and teachers are more than welcome to reach out to our friendly team via email: [email protected] for more information throughout the year.

What is the format of The NZESF HSL National Championship?
Each split format varies depending on the game played and the number of schools participating. You can click on the above game pages to see the exact format per game for this year's championship.

Can a school have more than one team?
Yes! Schools are more than welcome to enter more than one team for all games offered. Students may only play for one team per game. (Eg. a student could compete on MAGS Dota Team 1 and MAGS CS:GO Team 1, but not also on MAGS CS:GO Team 2)

Is there a cost to enter?
No. The NZESF HSL National Championship is completely free for schools to register and compete in - regardless of participation or number of teams.

What are the prizes offered?
The winning teams from each game (CS:GO, Rocket League and Dota 2) will walk away with a trophy for their school!

Other/My question isn't here?
Feel free to email [email protected]