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NZGC – The Fight for Finals

Posted by tanialpl Sep 20, 2016 in League of Legends

The New Zealand Gaming Championship is entering its final week of group stages. The playoffs will see all 6 teams advance, but the path to the Grand Final at MOTAT’s Idea Collective is heavily favoured for the top 2 teams in the standings. With one match left to play, let’s have a look at how teams will be sitting come playoffs.


Taking the Throne –  1st Place – King V  (11 Points)

KING V Team LogoWith 11 points, King V have officially secured first place and so will sit and wait to see who they will play in the 1st v 2nd playoff. They have won all 3 of their matches so far, only dropping a single game. The macro play of this team has seen them get out of sticky situations, but backed up with this they have some incredibly strong individuals who are a force to be reckoned with. These kings are shining proudly at the top now, but do they have what it takes to be crowned champions come  playoffs?

The Battle: 2nd place – Villains (8) / 2EZ Gaming (6) Tigereye (5)

Villains logo2EZ TEAM LOGO5_Team_logo-Tigereye





The battle for second comes down to 3 teams and is defined by the winner of the Wednesday Hexedome matchup. If 2EZ take a win on Wednesday they will secure 2nd spot and take on King V in the 1st v 2nd playoff. However, a Tigereye win can see two scenarios appear. a 2-1 victory (3 points) will put them in a tied position with Villains. A 2-0 (4 point win) would seed them firmly in 2nd place thanks to that bonus point. Its now out of the Villains hands as to their playoffs fate after a shaky start to their match vs DNA. They have a strong


5th Place – DNA (2 Points)DNA Logo

DNA are a team that struggles with consistency. They seem to have games where things go very right and then others where everything just doesn’t work. Taking strong games off 2EZ and Villains and almost cracking King V in their live match shows they have what it takes, but we have yet to see two strong games in a row come out of the DNA roster.

6th Place – Decode (0 Points)decode team logo

Decode were unable to take a game in groups, but turned it up a notch in their match with the #1 team, King V, forcing them to work hard for the win. The experimental team of individuals sit in last place heading into playoffs but show there is potential for an upset.

So, its all down to the last game of groups, 2EZ v Tigereye in the Hexedome. Winner takes the free seed to semi finals with that 2nd place. Lets have a look at the matchup.


Wednesday 7:00pm – 2EZ vs Tigereye (Hexedome Live Event – Sky Sport 3)

The last game of the NZGC group stages will see 2EZ gaming and Tigereye battle it out in the Hexedome. Tigereye are able to tie with Villains at 8 points if they are to take out a 2-1 win, but a 2-0 will secure them a bonus point to reach a secured 2nd. 2EZ however showed up the Villains 3 games straight where they held consistent gold leads throughout their matches. Tigereye were so so close to closing out King V in a 2-0 series in week 1, showing they have what it takes to beat the best. They’ll have to get aggressive and shutdown the 2EZ roster early to take out these matches. The lights, the new setup, the live stream to Sky Sport and the pressure of the final game are all going to take their toll on these teams heading into the Wednesday match. You can’t count anyone out in this situation, and you bet its going to be the game to watch.


Whichever team wins this match will take the higher seed, so this is definitely the matchup that all teams will be watching. Either of these teams can grab the Top 2 Finals spot which leads straight to the Grand Final, and you can bet that neither of these veteran rosters will go down without a fight. No matter how any of the other games go in the week, this will define the top of the charts. Anything can happen in this matchup and you won’t want to miss all the live action.


To keep updated with all the action as it unfolds, make sure you tune in to letsplay.live at 7pm on Saturday/Sunday and Sky Sport 3 on Wednesday (Rebroadcast via https://letsplay.live 7pm Thursday)