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Player Profile: Bill – King V

Posted by tanialpl Sep 20, 2016 in League of Legends

In the last few weeks we’ve seen a vast array of League of Legends eSport talent that New Zealand has to offer, with a lot of this coming to light through the NZGC. However, there’s one player who stands out among the rest. Playing the role of jungler for King V is a player know as a veteran on the Rift and one of the brightest minds seen in New Zealand’s competitive history – simply know as “Bill.”

Name: Bill Li
IGN: Bill
Role: Jungle
Team: King V
Born: Beijing, China
Age: 20
Hometown: Hamilton
Favourite Champion: Shaco

During the NZGC so far Bill has shown himself a skilled adversary against the other teams and has been regarded as King V’s power player. Capable of ruining his opponents chances of victory if he gets even the slightest bit ahead, Bill is one of the best junglers in terms of Gold per Minute and maintaining a high amount of CS. His style of jungle plays more around resources and being strong individually, with items and an experience advantage, allowing him to carry his team, especially on his favourite champion Nidalee. Coupled with Bill and Kayo’s shotcalling abilities, King V boasts some of the best strategists in the tournament. When asked about who makes the calls on King V, Bill responded “It’s me and Kayo [ the AD Carry for King V] but it’s always a team effort, everyone has an input on what we should do and me and [Kayo] very rarely disagree on anything.”

A Master Already

One factor that is often attributed to Bill’s impressive shotcalling and ability to change and alter the team’s strategy during a game is his background in chess. Starting at a young age (10 years old), and only having played for a month before hand, Bill had already become a champion in primary schools around the country. This only lead to a greater success when in 2011, after becoming the National champions of New Zealand, he and his team came 3rd in an international tournament over in Australia.

Needless to say, this gives him a very unique perspective and advantage when it comes to playing competitive League of legends and specifically ‘fives’  Bill himself stated, “Fives is completely different to solo queue, you have to go into it with a completely different mindset, for me it’s the chess mindset. It’s all moves and counter-moves, doing something and then reacting to their reaction.” Staying one step of the opponents in strategy and dictating the game from the Jungle has brought him and his team much success throughout his career in eSports.

Entering League and Becoming A Legend

Bill’s background in gaming is much different. He started in 2007 playing real time strategy games like Warcraft 3, learning mechanics and battle strategy that, coupled with his knowledge of chess, already gave him a great advantage before moving on to League of Legends in 2009. Starting out, Bill managed to reach the highest ranked division – at that time ‘Platinum’. Later, upon the creation of Diamond and above, Bill was able to acquire the rank of ‘Master’. Eventually in season 5, Bill reached a total of three accounts all actively being held in Challenger named simply “Bill”, “Bill2” and “Bill3”

Taking part in his first professional tournament in 2011 at the National Midcity NZ tournament, Bill and his team won the NZ division and placed Second in the international competition against Australia. Also around this time, he was scouted for his impressive jungle abilities by the organisation that would later become Avant Garde and was asked to scrim (play games against other organised teams) with them to see if he could perform like they hoped he would. He did and they offered him a place on their team, which at the time was the Krispy Kreme Crew (later becoming legacy genesis). He and his team went on to win the Open Challenger Series, a very credited title, and is considered the closest step to the Oceanic Professional League as possible.

Future for Bill 

Currently Bill and Team King V are engaged in the New Zealand Gaming Championships and are a crowd favourite for the win. With the team having such experienced players as Bill himself and other players, like Kayo and Raven, the talent on this team is immense to be sure. However, they face fierce competition from the likes of Villains, the reigning champions of the NZGC, and 2EZ, the only team to actually win a best of 3 against the Villains in the History of the Tournament’s two years so far. But there is confidence in King V as Bill has said, “The team meshes well and we have good synergy, we’re all great players and these other teams aren’t as good as ours.”

King V confirmed their spot in 1st coming out of NZGC groups with a solid 11 points. The team has only dropped a single game to Tigereye and have looked very dominant in their last 2 performances. They will take on the 2nd place team, which will be decided on Wednesday when 2EZ Gaming will take on Tigereye.

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