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AMD Pro League CGa Signups

The Amateur division of the CyberGamer DotA 2 Pro Leagues is now open for signups. The start date is May 2nd, with games commencing as able for 7~ weeks until finals are held. The full league schedule can be found on the announcement thread HERE.

How to Signup

Create a team in the Pro League page HERE and post a link of your team in the comments below and we will move your team to the appropriate group. Please DO NOT move your team across yourself.

Entry Fees and Prizepool
Entry Fee: $75
1st: $250
2nd: $150
3rd: $75

If your team cannot afford these entry fees or have no interest in paying them we ask that you do not sign up for the amateur league at all. Please also note that the Leagues run for over 7 weeks and if your team is not stable we ask you do not signup as drop-outs affect the competition for everybody else.

All the matches for the AMD DOTA2 Pro League will be on our Dota2 ticket which you can purchase in-game or FROM HERE

The AMD Dota2 Pro League is brought to you by

Please show your support by following them
Website | Twitter | Facebook

DotA2 Administration Team
Fidget / BL00DLocK / TAG

5 years ago

Open Ladder Finals

Top 8 Teams from the CyberGamer Australian Dota 2 Open Ladder:
Venum Gaming AUSTRALIA
Team CypheR AU
Team Aspyre
Legion Gaming Team
Pauling 4head
Paragon eSports
Dangerzone v2
Yellow Solo Mid

For more, results can be found at:

Teams are given 1 week to arrange a date that is suitable for both

Quarter Finals: April 4th-10th

Game 1 - Venum Gaming vs Yellow Solo Mid
Game 2 - Team CypheR AU vs Dangerzone v2
Game 3 - Team Aspyre vs Paragon eSports
Game 4 - Legion Gaming Team vs Pualing 4head

Semi Finals: April 11th-17th

Game 1 - Venum Gaming vs Legion Gaming
Game 2 - Team CypheR AU vs Team Aspyre

Grand Finals: April 18th-24th

Game 1 - Team CypheR AU vs Venum Gaming

DoTA2 Administration Team
Fidget / BKirky / BL00DLocK / TAG

5 years ago

Team Aspyre Recruiting

With the AMD Pro League Qualifer coming up and as the open ladder comes to an end, our team is in the process of a roster change.

We are currently looking for a versatile 5k+ offlaner player to fill a position on our roster.

Position 1: Champgane
Position 2: Kripzy
Position 3: Searching
Position 4: Searching (Trialing)
Position 5: Fidget

What do we provide?
- All online tournament entry fees
- Servers to play and talk on!

Skype - joshua.ferry1
Steam -
5 years ago

FAQ Thread

Throughout the duration of the open ladder the admins are being asked multiple different questions about what to do in certain scenarios, I've opened up this thread so the players have more understanding of what to do in these cases.

Q. The team I'm playing against do not have verified players?
A. All players that play CyberGamer matches must be verified through the CyberGamer team page.

Q. The team i'm playing against is not here 15 minutes after our scheduled match time?
A. If a team does not show up with a full team of verified team it is up to the already waiting team's discretion to decide if they would like to wait to play against their team or if they would like to submit the result as the opposing team did not show.

Q. How to enter steam ID into my CyberGamer profile?
A. 1. Go to your steam profile (Through a browser)
2. Get your hyperlink eg
3. Go to Steam ID Finder
4. Enter your Steam Profile link into the search bar and copy paste the Steam ID
5. Go to your CyberGamer Profile > Edit Profile > Profiles, Games & Forums > Game IDs > Scroll to the bottom and enter the Steam ID into the STEAM ID bar

Q. Where do I find the rule set?
A. At the top of the ladder rankings there will be multiple different tabs, click the "Rules" for more information.

If players have more question feel free to post in this thread and one of us will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you and good luck to everyone!
5 years ago

Dota 2 Open Ladder Opens Tomorrow!

Cybergamer's Dota 2 Open Ladder begins in TOMORROW, and we have 45 teams signed up. Cybergamer is attempting to put Australia back on the Valve map with a huge open ladder that is available to ALL Dota 2 players: Amateur, Mainstream and Pro!

The Open Ladder system works similar to King of the hill. A game and tournament where teams challenge teams to work their way up the ladder, earning points and striving to be #1.

If you haven't signed up and have a team of 5, make sure you sign up at
5 years ago


Hope You Find A Team Mate
6 years ago

Verified Game IDs

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10,000 views thread

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Fidget's Matches

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Time TBA

Dota 2

Team Aspyre
0 - 1
Team FuroX

11th Apr 2016

Dota 2

Team Aspyre
0 - 1
Team CypheR

10th Apr 2016

Dota 2

Team Aspyre
1 - 0
Bananas in pyjamas

23rd Mar 2016

Dota 2

Team Aspyre
1 - 0
Team InVidious

18th Mar 2016

Dota 2

Team Aspyre
0 - 1

9th Mar 2016

Dota 2

Team Aspyre
1 - 0
Little Boys

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