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31st Mar 2013




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2015 Hearthstone World Championships

So, Australia is part of the South-East Asia bracket or what?
5 years ago

HearthStone ODC 24th January

Is this the rise of Australian Hearthstone e-sports?! Looking forward to the stream
6 years ago

Welcome to Heroes of the Storm on CyberGamer

I REALLY hope the Heroes scene becomes as active as the LoL scene is in Australia!
6 years ago

League of Legends Summoner's Rift update hitting beta servers soon

I'm hyped up! Some of the champions are going to look like doo-doo on this map though. Riot will have to do visual updates to a lot of the current champs.
6 years ago

E-SPORT'S INSIDE! Grand Opening Coming Soon!

Sounds amazing, Curt. How long until the website is officially up and running?

Quote from Dezigod on the 2nd of April 2014
Alright let me throw a number out there for an estimate of when it will be 'officially' up and running. (Sick Grand Opening etc etc)


It ain't going to run, wanna know why, this isn't the first time. Pretty sure this is the guy that tried to 'start up' a similar community called eSports Experience (??? I think), that just shut down before it even launched (rofl).

Before that there were a few more, also with similar names like Online Gaming League where he asked the chosen admins that were accepted by an application to manage their designated leagues to set up their own prize money out of their own pockets (Asked for $1000 prize pool for first season; $750 1st place, $250 2nd).

As well as his bipolar like attitude where if someone suggested something he didn't like he would just either abuse them, or rage and kick them from the admin team. In the end the site never got released after a month or two's work even though he said he had spent $800 for someone to make it for him.

This is a bad deal, whoever has applied and gets accepted is just going to be wasting their time as nothing will happen rofl

cya mr yoshi curt

Quote from Hokage on the 2nd of April 2014

That is quite disappointing. Maybe it will be a different story this time.
6 years ago

Game IDs (Manual)

League of Legends OCE Summoner Name


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7 years ago


10,000 views thread

10,000 views thread

First placed Bronze Team!

First placed Bronze Team!

Season finalist

Season finalist

1,000 forum posts

1,000 forum posts



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