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13th Jan 2014




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[QLD/BNE] defrag #2 CS:GO 5v5 8 Teams - GUF Brisbane $1k & Prizes! 26th July

I'm about if anyone needs a player, lol.
5 years ago

VAC now reads all the domains you have visited - Gabe Newell's Response

Your DNS cache would have pretty much your entire browsing history (or at least domain level). Haven't read the reddit thread, but if 570 people were detected would that be enough for people to notice that valve/VAC was sending DNS entry data off? Especially if the data was hashed (and therefore harder to read).

They've worded the response to say that they've only sent data from the cheat positives off, and then only the relevant DNS entries. But it's plain that Valve have access to your entire DNS cache.

Link that to the methods which the yank government goes to to data gather, the way the yank govt can get access to yank companies' data, and...
6 years ago

VAC now reads all the domains you have visited - Gabe Newell's Response

That 570 was 570 banned by that method. I.e. 570 pay per month cheaters banned.
6 years ago

Deagle is abit better now i guess

i like things
6 years ago

CyberGamer CSGO Season 3 Amateur Groups

That report didn't go astray then.

He was calling what was happening from the other side of the map, or while dead. It was pretty blatent.

Or maybe it was his little brother. Or his account was compromised!

And I may be a washed up has been, or never was, but I've got enough experience to call this sort of stuff.
6 years ago

CyberGamer CSGO Season 3 Amateur Groups

In case you need this defcoN, I wrote this out:

Team Information:

Team Name: LtK-Gaming Australia
Team Manager: SniperDuck_
Team Tag: LtKGaming

Team Players;

SniperDuck - STEAM_0:0:12396833
Kuklinski - STEAM_0:0:70970921
BlueScarZ - STEAM_0:0:78781819
Moop (V|per) - STEAM_0:0:79132398
Monti. - STEAM_1:0:26759773


mindBLOWN_ - STEAM_0:1:63919310

Quote from B R O K E N on the 19th of January 2014
Probably not the right place to say it, but 3 70+ millers.. two being 78+79 mill which is made in the last month or so? :\ shady/10. But hey haven't seen you guys play as of yet..

Quote from SniperDuck_ on the 19th of January 2014

Let's hope the anti cheat works well.

Played with them in a mm and my spider senses were tingling.

Reported two of them.
6 years ago

Verified Game IDs


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1,000 views thread

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