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LPL Pro and CG CSGO League announcement

Tham on the 8th of January 2019

- 4 core players from the previous 2 Invite/Main (Platinum/Gold) seasons

I have a few questions.

1. Is this supposed to be 3 or 4 core players? On my profile it says evolution relegation spot (even though it should be challenger) if my former team retains 3-4 core players. I'm not sure which piece of information is correct.
2. Do the core players all need to be from a single team or do individual core players from different teams ie a new team meet the requirement? I assume it's the latter from the wording but a distinction would be good.
3. The previous 2 Invite/Main (Platinum/Gold) seasons statement is confusing as main hasn't run for a few seasons now. I'd assume the main players from several seasons ago wouldn't get an inject spot in div 2 but the wording indicates otherwise. Some clarification and re-wording would be useful.
5 months ago

How to break into competitive scene?

How many hours do you have/what MM rank are you? The TLDR answer is that until you've learned the very very basic things MM teaches you individually you should probably just stick to MM/PUGs. You can still look for an open/bronze team regardless, if you feel you've reached that stage look for a silver team and see how you go. Developing with a team is the only real way to improve and qualify for higher divisions.
7 months ago

AOC CGPL Spring 2018 - Finals dates/information

Sunday 16th of December - Off season finishes

Is this supposed to be November or is it actually December?
8 months ago

Match ban - Vanilla

nor would cheating on a separate account have anything to do with him as a competitor or his competitive results.

Quote from risen on the 19th of September 2018
My head hurts from this statement

Quote from LsnoW on the 19th of September 2018
About to kill myself after reading that

Quote from kiid on the 19th of September 2018
how many pros in the scene in OCE alone are ex cheaters that we know about?

imagine being fired because you had a beer after work. what business is it of your employer what you do after work, how can they prove you went to a pub? making mountains out of molehills and snooping too far.

IDC, not my team, not my scene, just saying this doesn't make sense to me. bl avant, bl vanilla. not much more to say about this.

Quote from risen on the 19th of September 2018
Shit analogy that isn't relevant to what you're trying to say btw. Idk why you think players shouldn't be banned for cheating if it's not in league games. If you cheat in non-league games it's very likely you also have the personality and the means to cheat in league games and more often than not, do cheat in league games. If someone cheats outside of leagues it's genuinely illogical to not ban them, why would a community and league organisers want confirmed cheaters to play in their leagues.

There's several ex cheaters in the pro scene, that's the key word, ex. They cheated several years ago, served their time, probably reformed and have been allowed back into the community. The debate about whether they should be allowed back is a whole other argument that I won't get into because it's off topic.
9 months ago

HydraMolie Cheating in CGA evidence

Not sure if you've done this but gather the demos and demo ticks and make a support ticket. That being said I love cheating compilations and this one was well edited, good job.

Beyond blatant, love the random stopping to toggle settings.
10 months ago

Moving forward: Attitude, Respect, Safety

Exactly, he threatened physical violence in person and intimidated people at a real life event, the ban should be permanent and an unban should never be considered.

They clearly thought it was serious at the time as they apologized and stopped their behaviour, if they joke about it afterwards that's completely irrelevant. Even if they didn't perceive it as aggressive at all, you still acted in an unacceptable and community damaging way and you should be removed permanently so you cannot do it again. Fourteen and fifteen year old kids, even younger attend these events, think about that.

@Yeni He didn't just threaten something at a real life event, he approached and then intimidated several people then could have very easily attacked someone, that is in no way a baseless threat. There's a certain line that cannot be crossed and he crossed it and therefore has been removed from the community so this can't happen again, what if next time he actually attacks someone, he shouldn't be given the chance.
10 months ago

Verified Game IDs

Game IDs


4 years ago


10,000 views thread

10,000 views thread

First placed Bronze Team!

First placed Bronze Team!

Platinum finalist

Platinum finalist

Bronze finalist

Bronze finalist

100 forum posts

100 forum posts

1,000 forum posts

1,000 forum posts

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PC: LPL Challenger FFYI

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