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14th Jul 2009




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[WiiN] Recruiting. ( new Clan )

I am interested, have you added in game, hit me up Tooki123
9 years ago

LF Team

Average Player looking for team, Tooki123 is my in game name.

Stats don't really reflect my ability, happy to play a few games to show my standard.

9 years ago

Saving l4d

While I admire your intentions, it's unfortunately not looking good.
Season 1. TSW vs -bros - 721 Listens.
Season 1 Cybergamer Invite(parallel to S2) Crayons vs 4Q Grand Final - 383 Listens.
Season 3 ogl vs `IP. Grand Final - 24 Listens.

Quote from Meshu on the 14th of March 2010

In saying that, the only reason TSW vs Bros was a big shoutcast event, was mainly it had big names from the esports scene involved...ONTOP of that, in light of such success from that cast. it still didn't trickle through the first season with the grand finals of that season only recieveing 366 listens or something.

The only reason L4D is dieing, is because of what slyke said, Valve has neglected the PC scene and its community. They give a fuck about console sales now, not whether or not their game has a potentially massive competitive scene in Australia.
11 years ago

State Of Origin

11 years ago

ld42 not going to be that competitve?

The is a lot of assumptions and theories about what L4D2 will bring us, and tbh there's no point in having massive arguments about what we think is going to be in the game or not. But it really comes down to this:

Valve made this game to break the console market, L4D is much bigger on Console than it is on PC (in terms of money making), and the majority of the game is played on console in campaign mode. Valve knows about the competitive attributes that this game brings, and its up to them to give the versus mode a boost to make this game more competitive or not.

All in all, they will make more money out of putting out a great campaign co-op game for the console then wasting their time on trying to make the versus mode healthy for a competitive PC scene.

I'm not expecting much, but we will see what happens in November.

11 years ago

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