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Season 9 of the Open Ladder is underway!

Hi everyone!

After some issues with the site change, we've been able setup the new season!

There have been some changes to how the season will be run. At this point in time, teams will give their availability to the system, which will then pair teams into a match when it will suit. This is to be setup every week. The system will also try to match teams closer in ELO, so it shouldn't be lopsided.

Otherwise, here is some other information:

-Matches are unlocked from now until August 5.
-Finals are for Top 8, starting from August 6 until August 26 at the latest. Teams must have played or attempted to play 4 matches in the season.
-Prize pool is again $1000 for the top 4 teams!

Any additional questions can be left here or in the discord for myself or Sir Borris.

Best of luck everyone!
12 months ago

CGo Season 8 Champions! and Season 9 information.

Announcing the Season 8 champions in CGo, Risen!

After a solid normal season where they took the third seed, Risen fought through both Vulcore and Restaurant City Crew on their way to the final versus the giant slaying Truth Genesis. In a ruthless showing, Risen wouldn't let Genesis in with a sniff, promptly taking the series in a clean 2-0.

First and second seeds from the normal season, Blue Side and Restaurant City Crew were due to playoff for third, but the match was sadly not able to go ahead, and RCC were given the win.

With that, the season ends with the following prize winners!

1st Place - $500 - Risen
2nd Place - $300 - Truth Genesis
3rd Place - $150 - Restaurant City Crew
4th Place - $50 - Blue Side

In addition, we'll be paying out to the following representatives of each team. If this is a problem, let us know quickly and we'll fix it.

Risen - Rilez
Truth Genesis - Kairutox
Restaurant City Crew - Nirphana
Blue Side - Kysta the King (not sure who from Blue Side, someone get in touch)

Final Bracket results are found here.

Season 9 Information
Season 9 is on the horizon now for everyone, we can happily announce that the season will restart on Monday 21st of May. The ladder will be fully reset, so everyone will resume at 1400 ELO and no games played. The normal season will run for 8 weeks until Sunday 8th July, at which point the top 8 eligible teams will qualify for the finals. Any questions can be aimed towards an admin.

Congratulations all and we hope to see you in just under two weeks on the rift!
13 months ago

CGo Season 8 Finals Now Live!

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the small delay! So to follow up the previous post, the finals have now been locked in for the top 8 eligible teams. We can now announce the top 8 and their seeds as follows:

  1. Blue Side
  2. Restaurant City Crew
  3. Risen
  4. Team YAH YAH YAH
  5. Truth Genesis
  6. Vulcore
  7. Truth Gaming
  8. Quiet Vacuum Pumps

Congratulations to all teams involved. If there are any problems for teams taking part, let us know ASAP.

A reminder of the format though. All matches have already been setup for the teams to start, however the higher seeded team has the responsibility of sending out the challenge times. If they take too long to send them out, we will be giving the responsibility to the other team instead. Matches are best of 3, top seed has side selection for game 1, losing team chooses for game 2, the loser of game 2 chooses for game 3 if needed.

The quarter finals need to be finished by Sunday this week (8th April), if this isn't possible let us know ASAP. If a semi final is ready to be setup before that date, it will be started and the teams are allowed to play at any stage. Semi finals need to be done by April 15, the grand final by April 22.

Please make sure your team is on time to start. Teams will lose one ban for every ten minutes late, up to an hour. After an hour they forfeit the game. Request for an admin should this situation arise.
Teams should have an acceptable amount of time between the games for a break. This is up to the teams to sort out.

The bracket for the finals can be found here. Upon completion of the match (overall, not single games), teams should send end game screenshots with a clear indication of the winning team and score in the CG discord (LoL section) and tag an admin.

Best of luck to all teams in the finals!
14 months ago

CGo S8 Finals

Hi everyone!

Today I bring details of the upcoming finals series, where the top 8 teams on the ladder (pending eligibility requirements) will be fighting it out for a share of $1000!

This will be the final week of normal season matches, any matches need to be completed by Sunday 1st April to be counted.
At the completion of the normal season, the top 8 teams will be invited to the finals which will begin from Monday 2nd April and end by Sunday 22nd April.

The ladder will be locked to teams during this period, but that doesn't mean you can't still organise matches with other teams here. Season 9 of CGo would be expected to start within a few weeks of the Grand Final.

The finals will all be Best of 3 series, in which the higher seeded team will have side choice for the first game, and the loser of the game will have side choice in the next game.
Finals are, like the normal season, not on a set date, they are to be organised between teams using the challenging system at CG. Higher seeds will send out the challenge times to which the lower seed will need to accept. Any disputes should be discussed with an admin.

From Monday 2nd April, the finals will begin, however each round of the finals must be completed within that week:
  • Quarter Finals - completed by Sunday 8th
  • Semi Finals - completed by Sunday 15th
  • Grand Final - completed by Sunday 22nd

There is no limit to how quickly the matches can completed, it would be fine to have all finals finished before the second week, it all depends on availability.
If teams are unable to keep to that schedule, it must be notified to an admin ASAP in order to assess the situation and avoid lengthy delays or disqualifications where possible.

A reminder to have all aspects of your team eligibility sorted out before you start any finals matches. This includes players as well as match time criteria.
A reminder that teams must have played 4 matches to be considered eligible for finals. If your team is in the top 8 and has not met the criteria, that you may not be invited to the finals series. Also players should be reminded that they are required to be using their CG-linked account to avoid being considered ineligible for play.

Rules for eligibility and most other stuff here.

  • First Placed Team - $500
  • Second Place - $300
  • Third Place - $150
  • Fourth Place - $50

(Prizes are per team)

Best of luck everyone, get those final games done!
15 months ago

CyberGamer League of Legends 2018 Roadmap

Firstly welcome everyone to 2018! We at CyberGamer are excited to announce our League of Legends plans for the upcoming year, a very important stepping stone for us and our continued growth.

At the core of our plans is still our classic Open Ladder (CGo), allowing teams to be able to join throughout the year and take part in organised, grassroots competitive LoL.

Changes to CGo
We learnt a lot with CGo last year, and this year we're making some changes to bring CGo forwards. Namely we're implementing:
  • $1000 prize pools, per season - split between the top 4 teams!
  • 3rd place playoffs as a result.
  • Minimum games to be eligible for finals (4 games played).
  • Casting night: Games being held on a particular evening will be able to be broadcast on CGTV!
  • Short term competitions and tournaments during the CGo off season for teams to continue playing.
  • Player account eligibility updates.

Plus more, and we're always looking to improve as well.

Key Dates
12th February - Season 8 Begins
2nd April - Season 8 Finals Begin

TBC Dates
Season 9 begins 21st May
Season 10 begins 3rd September

In the Meantime
Get your team organised, maybe jump into some Ranked Flex, but start to get set for a big year of CyberGamer. Don't forget, you play your matches when it works for you, with a change in the grassroots scene in OCE, there is plenty of matches to be played, and CG can fit in with it all.

Registration and rules can be found at the CGo page:

Connect with us
Discord -
Twitter - (connect twitter account and follow to get free premium)
Facebook -
Twitch -
17 months ago

CyberGamer Open Ladder 7th Season - Open Now!

Go for it guys!
20 months ago

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