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Flukester - LFT

Heya dude,

You can find more teams in the official community Discord which has just recently been partnered (both Twitch and the Discord!) here:

Looking forward to your return,

35 months ago

Season 2 - 2017 Announcement & Important Information


Roster & Ladder Lock

Rosters will lock 11:59pm 18th June. No changes will be allowed after this. The ladder will lock at 11:59pm on the 26th June to prepare for finals.


Roster & Ladder Lock

Rosters will lock 11:59pm 18th June. No changes will be allowed after this. The ladder will lock at 11:59pm on the 25th June to prepare for finals.
4 years ago

$120 Weekly Tournaments

Hey guys,

Beerscotch and I are proud to announce that there will be $120 weekly tournaments for the indefinite future as long as team numbers hold high. Every tournament will start at 7pm AEST and will run as Single Elimination. Any feedback on the time, format, etc, please don't hesitate to post in here.

A huge thanks to Cyanide for making this happen.

~R6 Ladder Staff
4 years ago

MOSS Anti-Cheat is now mandatory for all CyberGamer Siege matches

Thank you, Dealzz and Tobo for the guides!

Please note that random MOSS checks will be happening throughout the seasons.
4 years ago

Major 2017 Ladder Rule Update

Changes to Match Setup rules:

Match Score
  • At least one player from each team must screenshot the final scoreboard in case of any score disputes.

  • Each team is allowed 1 rehost per match. A rehost can only be made after the current round has finished. The definition of a 'current round' is a round that has entered Preparation/Drone Phase. If a player drops in Operator Select, a rehost can happen immediately. Otherwise, the rehost takes place after the round ends.
  • As this is a free ladder, rounds will not be rehosted in the event of a glitch. Example: if a Hibana charge does not go off, then play on. However, if a gamebreaking glitch such as the inability to defuse the defuser, the round will be rehosted on the condition that the team experiencing the glitch has photo and/or video proof. If this evidence is not saved and a dispute is made by the other team, you may be liable to forfeit that round.
4 years ago

Major 2017 Ladder Rule Update

Anti-Cheat Policy Amendments

The Rainbow Six: Siege ladder takes a different stance on bans due to vanilla CyberGamer rules not including Battleye bans. Any user receiving a Battleye ban will receive a 24-month ban from the Rainbow Six: Siege ladder. A second offence will incur a permanent ban on the Rainbow Six: Siege ladder.

1 - Player Requirements

1.1 - Information

CyberGamer users are required to forward accurate personal details to CyberGamer Siege administrators if required. All personal information a user publishes on CyberGamer must be accurate.

1.2 – SteamIDs

CyberGamer requires all Siege users to have their singular Steam account (and thus SteamID) linked or set to their CyberGamer account. A users steamID must be set before they are eligible to compete in any match, this can be done through your profile settings.

You must correctly set your steamID or you will be ineligible to compete, this means that the number not the actual account name must be listed ie. STEAM_0:0:000000

1.3 – Sportsmanship

CyberGamer users are required to uphold, observe and respect a reasonable level of sportsmanship. This level of sportsmanship is expected to be conducted prior to, during and after CyberGamer matches and during the general use of CyberGamer.

Unsportsmanlike conduct is not allowed. Sportsmanship does not only refer to the other team, general abuse or non compliance towards administrators, casters or spectators will count as unsportsmanlike behavior.

Sportsmanship also translates to forums, excessive trolling of the CG forums will result in bans and in extreme cases may result in match bans and forum access revoked. Sportsmanship also extends to the general use of casual and ranked games in Siege. This is also covered under Ubisoft's Code of Conduct which all players are bound by.

Consistently breaking this rule will result in a one week player match ban.

1.4 - In-game Aliases / Handles

CyberGamer requires users to label themselves in CyberGamer matches with an in-game alias similar or distinguishable enough to their CyberGamer account username. Inappropriate in-game aliases will not be tolerated, including names which have racism, abuse, drug use / themes.

Consistently breaking this rule will result in a one week player match ban.

1.5 – Team Captains

CyberGamer Siege teams must have at least one team captain elected. This user has complete control over their team (including the right to remove / add players from their team (presuming it doesn't conflict with a roster change rule)). The team captain has an obligation to the other members on the team to behave professionally and represent the team in a sportsmanlike manner. The team captain is responsible for his teams behaviour during CyberGamer and is thus accountable for any outcomes thereof. The captain needs to ensure the correct score is entered or if a dispute is lodged.

1.6 – Captain Absences or Changes

If the elected CyberGamer Siege team captain(s) is(are) absent, an acting captain must be selected, and they will inherent all the relevant responsibilities. Acting captains will be designated automatically to any users with the lieutenant status.

2 – Team Rosters & Locks

2.1 – Team Rosters

CyberGamer requires all teams to have at least five players on their team roster. Users may not compete on behalf of a team which they are not on the roster of.

CyberGamer requests each team contains six players for their roster, however the minimum is five. Failing to play a scheduled match without at least four users will be penalised with a forfeit or as the CyberGamer Siege team deems necessary.

Breaking this rule will result in a removal from the competition with a one week player match ban per offence.

2.2 – Roster Locks

Roster locks will be enforced for the season, only during unlock periods will users be able to join a CyberGamer team. Users will not be able to be added in the two weeks before the commencement of finals, without strict admin permission.

2.3 – Team Names

CyberGamer team names containing any of the following will not be tolerated: profanity, racism, sexism, drug use, silly or too big in size. Refusing to change a team name or repeat use of an inappropriate name will result in punishment. CyberGamer teams may not use the name of a team in which is not theirs (as interpreted by CyberGamer).

Consistently breaking this rule will result in a team removal from the competition.

3 – Player Responsibilities

3.1 – MOSS

All players must be running MOSS in every CyberGamer match they play in. MOSS files are to be kept for at least 90 days from the time of the match. MOSS files will be forwarded to a CyberGamer admin if requested. Failure to provide your MOSS file, or if your file has corrupted in any section, will result in penalties.

Individual Penalties:

1st Strike: Official warning
2nd Strike: Match forfeit
3rd Strike: 1 week match ban
4th Strike: Season-long ban
5th Strike: 6 month ban

In the case where two or more members of a team cannot produce their complete MOSS files, the following penalties will be applied:

Team Penalties:

1st Strike: Match forfeit
2nd Strike: 1 week match ban
3rd Strike: 1 month match ban
4th Strike: Team removal from the ladder for the rest of the season

The use of MOSS is purely the player's responsibility. You are to check if MOSS is working correctly before you play a match. If there are major compatibility issues, contact a ladder admin immediately. In the event of a wide-spread issue with MOSS, a thread will be made on how to proceed.

4 – Exploits

4.1 – Map & Shield Exploits

Map exploits include but are not limited to; accessing areas otherwise inaccessible by means of using a shield to 'jump' over/onto/into, using any sort of method that was not intended by the developers.

It is an illegal move to use a shield to boost yourself up onto any area of the map that would otherwise be inaccessible, to block a doorway or a window, to restrict the movements of the opposing team in any way. Placing a shield in a doorway that does not block the opposing team from vaulting over is a legal move.

It is illegal to use 'one way texture' exploits that allow you to see through a wall/floor/window/etc that cannot be seen through on the other side.

It is also illegal to use a prone player to access areas otherwise inaccessible.

Finally, it is also illegal to use the "Mira Shield Boost" that allows players to vault over Mira to access areas otherwise inaccessible.

Breaking of this rule will automatically forfeit the round for the offending team. Consistently breaking of this rule can and will result in match forfeiture and CyberGamer account penalties including but not limited to; match bans, ladder bans, forum bans.

4.2 – Cheats / Hacking

Anyone found cheating and/or hacking will be dealt with under the Rainbow Six: Siege anti-cheat policy.


CyberGamer staff reserve the right to change, alter or amend any of the above at any time. If so, a forum thread will be made.
4 years ago

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PC: LPL 2020: Rainbow 6 Siege (PC) Open Weeklies

5 Losers of the Apocalypse
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