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Freelance caster here looking for some casting

Hey fluff, and Nevdi/Hanni.

Sheep here, business manager at Clutch Studio. We're always looking to expand our casting team, and are happy to give you guys a run at casting some games and potentially some CyberGamer invite games.

Send me an email at [email protected] so we can set up a chat and get you into casting some games.

We are looking to increase our cast team as fast as possible as we have some exciting events coming up.

Thanks a bunch,

[email protected]
4 years ago

Looking for team logos!

Hey guys, Sheep here from Clutch Studios.

As part of the qualifier we had huge success with both the amazing plays and organisation from all the teams involved.

If you're a part of the second qualifier, we'd love to work with you as well to get some work done for our intro and the smooth operation of the stream.

If you have a look there you'll see we didn't have too many logos, but the more the better!

Also if anyone competing could add me on Steam, ( and we can touch base closer to the weekend and organise the casts and interviews together.

Thanks a bunch!
4 years ago

Clutch Gaming NZ is no more! Introducing Clutch Studios!

Hey there everyone,

Sheep here from Clutch Studio, and I'm excited to announce the next move for the casting organisation that is now the Clutch Studio.

It is with excitement also that we announce the creation of the Clutch Creative Studios! Where all our Clutch artists can collaborate and create amazing art for the broadcast team and anyone who makes requests.

We look forward to moving onto this new chapter with all of our fans, and we are massively thankful for everyone that has been a part of this journey so far!

PS. Applications are still open for casters, producers, and artists.

4 years ago

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