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League of Legends, Overwatch, PUBG, Fortnite among list of games reportedly banned in China

A number of games, which include major esports titles such as League of Legends (LoL), Overwatch, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), and Fortnite: Battle Royale among others, have reportedly been banned in China after they were found to have violated the country’s social and ethical rules.

The bans come following the establishment of the Online Ethics Review Committee by the Chinese government earlier this month. The committee was tasked with reviewing online games in order to establish whether they violate the country’s social and ethical rules or not.

There were 20 popular online games that were reportedly included in the first wave of reviews. Out of that number, 11 were made to take corrective action to address the committee’s concerns. The companies whose games were included in the list have so far been silent on the matter. It is also unclear how the review will affect the esports industry in China, one of the biggest in the world, as several major esports titles were among those made to take corrective actions or facing outright bans.

12 months ago

CS:GO is free now with Battle Royale mode, say welcome to hackers

The much-awaited CS:GO update is finally here. Valve also hops onto the Battle Royale bandwagon as they add a 16-player Battle Royale mode called Danger Zone to the game.
Alongside the update, Valve has also made CS:GO Free-to-play. This was also hinted with the previous Halloween update when Valve made parts of the game open to everyone.

CS:GO Battle Royale

The entire game has been made free so that as many players can get to play the new Battle Royale mode. With the Danger Zone update, players also get to have the Danger Zone cases which have around 17 community skins.

Patch notes for the Danger Zone update are as follows:
1. Danger Zone
2. Free to Play
3. Danger Zone Case
12 months ago

Battle Royale operation coming to CSGO, was this needed?

Valve isn’t done with its 2018 CS:GO content updates just yet, as they have been planning something big to end the year with – Maybe even new Operation?

Now before getting into the exact details of what is expected with this upcoming content update, let's talk about the crux of the matter. The thing which kick-started all of this – the tweet from the official CS:GO account.
From the tweet, this much is pretty obvious that the developers are planning on releasing something on Wednesday, i.e. tomorrow. However, what some of you failed to notice is that the developers have also changed the game’s iconic blue and yellow logo, with a brand new one. This new logo not only changed the color to red but also swapped the character model to one which we have yet to see within the game.

Speculations from around the internet are stating that a new Operation is coming to CS:GO, one which will feature all of these previously-hidden features.
Check out this video down below for more details on this:

Possible Battle Royale CS:GO Operation
And well, from what we have been seeing in terms of global trends, what is that one thing that is the shizz right now? Yup, Battle Royale. We believe Valve is working on bringing a BR mode to the CS:GO, and details regarding that will surface tomorrow.
12 months ago

With Artifact now available, have Valve revealed its upcoming Dota 2 Hero, Mars?

With Valve releasing a brand new comic for its newest video game, Artifact, details linking to Dota 2's newest hero, Mars might have come to light.
During the International 2018, Valve introduced not one but two brand new heroes which are set to make their way into Dota 2. Now out of these two heroes, one has already made its appearance in Dota 2, and that being Grimstroke. The second hero on the other hand is set to make its debut sometime in the winter of 2018 and apart from a single teaser trailer, not much is known about this upcoming new hero. However, a recent comic release from the developers might just include what we have been looking for.

Read more here
12 months ago

The Steam Autumn Sale has begun, here’s what to pick up!

November is here, the leaves are falling, and the prices are too. You know what time it is, friends. The Steam Autumn Sale is here, and so is the urge to buy cheap games that I’ll probably never play.
Valve’s popular digital storefront currently boasts an eye-watering 14,025 games on sale, with massive discounts on hits like Grand Theft Auto V, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and Far Cry 5.

However, since the Steam library is ever growing and is filled with hundreds of thousands of titles available right now. There is a chance you might miss out on an amazing Steam Autumn Sale Deal. So, to minimize the risk of this, here are some of the best deals of the on-going Steam Autumn Sale. But be sure to get your hands on these as soon as possible as this sale is not going to last forever.
13 months ago


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