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How to Veto: Clash Royale

Hey everyone,

You are now able to do bans (now referred as Vetos) on the website!

Before, players would do vetos using Discord and or Clash Royale in-game chat and we felt like there was a lot of confusion between us and the players. We have now made it you can do vetos on the website!

Here is a step by step process on how to do vetos on the website:

1) Go to your match page here:

You can CTRL+F your team and who you are vsing if you can't find your match page.

2) Your page should look like so. In the blue box, it says "Pulse's turn to VETO" This means that Pulse MUST ban first.

3) There will be a button named "View Vetos" and it will take you to this page. You are to make your first ban here.

4) Your opponent will then need to click "View Vetos" to ban next. Vetos must be done by taking turns.

5) When each team has completed their vetos, your match page should look like this:

6) If you encounter any issues or are confused about something, please @ one of the LPL Staff members in the Discord server and they will be able to help you out! Vetos can be done 2-3 days prior to your match if you choose to do it earlier!
8 months ago

ATTN ALL PLAYERS & TEACHERS: Please join the official HSL Discord Channel

HSL & LPL use Discord to communicate directly with our players.

Discord is the easiest way to chat with HSL tournament organisers, teammates and competition in real-time. Here you can find match times, schedules, broadcast information, tournament standings and private channels for your individual teams to chat and talk strategy. Discord also allows you to create private voice channels for in-game communication and dispute rule-breaks in matches.

We encourage all students & supervising teachers to join our private HSL Discord.

To join the HSL Dota 2 discord, please click here.
To join the HSL Clash Royale discord, please click here.

You can use Discord's web browser or the desktop & mobile apps.
10 months ago

How and why competing in inter-school esports is beneficial for students

Why choose esports as a co-curricular activity?

It’s easy to assume that video games are a negative distraction from academic achievement. There’s a persistent myth that video games are bad for schoolwork and detract from homework, studying and overall success in school. We at LPL are working towards changing that perception with High School League!

The High School League (HSL) aspires ato provide high schoolers with a fun, competitive, and rewarding esports experience, similar to traditional high school sports. We promote esports as a positive experience that opens up sports team building, leadership opportunities and self improvement to a wider range of students outside traditional seasonal field and court sports.

Key pillars of HSL:

- Teams must have a supervising teacher on-board
- Teams are encouraged to play from school like traditional sports teams would
- If schoolwork suffers within seasons, players may be suspended from the team until their grades improve to a satisfactory level.
- Bad sportsmanship and online behaviour is not tolerated and will be disciplined by the league

Still not convinced? Here are some stats and quotes from our previous HSL participants explaining how controlled competitive esports can benefit a child’s well-being, learning, motivation and school pride:

The Digital Australia Report 2018 found:

71% of parents surveyed believed video games could help teach students new skills
70% believed video games could help motivate students
86% believed video games had the potential to teach students general knowledge
83% believed video games had the potential to teach students digital knowledge
Over 1/3rd of parents said they had used video games to gain workplace knowledge, and 30% to learn a new software or digital tool.
“For some students, HSL is the first time the student is actively pushing themselves to achieve a challenging goal. This self-motivation allows the development of important skills such as communication and teamwork” says Danny Chang, Teacher and HSL supervisor at Mt Roskill Grammar.

“The success we have had has evolved around teamwork and communication” added Vincent Lo, Captain of the MAGS HSL team. “We ensure that each and every one of us talk as much as we can during the match as communication in a team is the key to success”.

HSL works in an extremely similar format to traditional inter-school sports. It provides some students the opportunity to represent their schools and region on a national level and to compete on a level playing field. The league consists of up to two 12-week seasons. Each team plays against other schools in their region in a round robin tournament. This leads into the Playoffs over 3 weeks culminating in a State Grand Final with the best 2 teams from each division competing.

The competition provides students the ability to compete in male, female and mixed gender teams. Participation is not limited by geography, physical attributes or ethnicity – in fact Rangitoto High School’s 2018 Captain competed, and lead his team to victory, in the grand final from a hospital bed!

For more information about HSL - or if you have any questions or queries about High School Esports - please feel free to contact us at hsl[@]
10 months ago

HSL Season 1 2019 Wrap-Up

Read our Season 1 Wrap Up!


In Season 1 of HSL for 2019, nine schools from Australia & NZ battled it out across 8 weeks to become DOTA 2 champions. Each week we saw talent and enthusiasm from all players featured on SKY Sport and Twitch every Monday evening, casted by none other than Matt "Smite" Ross and Sebastian "Lennox" Rodriguez...

Continue reading here
10 months ago

LPL PRO Dota 2 ANZ Open Qualifier + PRO Division

shinyaaaaaaaaaaaas legend
11 months ago

LPL Pro and CG CSGO League announcement

Auckland lan?
Aucklan* ;)

Quote from JawsOCE on the 8th of January 2019
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15 months ago

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