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Ustilo confirmed for RNG

A roster move that should of happened a long time ago, spunj should go coach now and they pick up either rickeh or zewsy.

Quote from lukeaye on the 9th of February 2016

Doubt they'd go for Rickeh. Don't the Renegades guys conflict with him a bit? Heard it through the grape vine, but yeah apparently the Renegades guys aren't too interested in Rickeh because of his personality.

Quote from Ctrs on the 9th of February 2016

Yes Rickeh will never be in that team unless he has major surgery on his brain

Quote from Spect_ on the 9th of February 2016

There is no conflict, you do not know me and never will. I know its hard to not talk and feel part of something even when you have 0 clue about anything but try not to thx.

P.S go fuck yourself
6 years ago

Steam account compromised

Hopefully he doesn't get the account vac banned. That would be the worst

Quote from glib on the 26th of August 2015

It can be reversed and it should be when i get it back I have notified admins that he is getting it vacced so I should be all sweet. Just waiting around now all I can do.
7 years ago

Steam account compromised

I wish my life was perfect enough to criticize other people for their grammar! but alas i did nut go 2 univorsity end anded up like thiss!

So some moroccan guy was trying to dos the australian gov website at this esl pre party thing, he was let into the VIP area along with all these other plebs because the security just gave up o.o never again getting surrounded by rands and letting them kick back with us or I could just leave my phone at home and not log into some dodgy tent wireless, simply cannot trust anyone..
7 years ago

Steam account compromised

Just letting you guys know I am working on recovering my account hopefully get it back tonight or tomorrow thanks to valve. My apologies in advance to whoever has been owned if anyone no idea what he is doing so... I was blackmailed for 3 csgo pin codes but did not negotiate with terrorist.

He mentioned getting impatient due to being ignored and is getting my account vacced but it doesn't matter valve will fix everything for me anyway.

please delete me off friends for now I will post when I get my shit back.

This scrub took my twitter and emails as well but did not bother to change the passwords lmfao, made a new email for everything now though anyway just incase, was so para about my bank details and shit on my phone was so stressed...
7 years ago

IEM Gamescom: Renegades - Schedule/Results

My 2 cents

havoc awp pls! yam can rifle easy better than current awp form but still should use it, also need to let justin entry or at least trade more instead of being last alive so much because its somewhat his role.
7 years ago

Bad Sports in Cs:Go gets rewarded ?

You people have no idea just how many div1 players have cheated in scrims.
I'm sure they're all legit now, but if you went around banning everyone who's ever cheated you'd kill competitive cs in aus.

Quote from bnzai on the 28th of July 2015

This also wins. In the world though not only aus...
7 years ago

Verified Game IDs


10,000 views thread

10,000 views thread

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Top 10 Bronze Team!

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