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[WA] Legends of the West Spring 2015 Tournament

Legends of the West are back with our next Dota 2 tournament.

We are introducing an all new format taking place over a full weekend with separate divisions for our experienced teams and new blood.

The Amateur division will be an open registration tournament played on Saturday. Signups will be restricted to the first 8 teams to complete their registration and payment.

The Pro division will be an invitational tournament played on Sunday. Invitations will be extended to the top seven teams from our previous tournaments as well as the winner of the Amateur tournament..

Both divisions will feature two groups of four teams playing in a round robin. The top two teams from each group will play a single elimination bracket to determine the winners.

Once again we will be at the Joondalup Tafe using their computers and equipment, but you are welcome to bring your own Keyboard, Mouse and headset. Ensure you bring any necessary software or drivers on a USB drive.

There will be drinks and snacks available at the venue, along with lots of food shops nearby.

If you're interested in competing make sure all of your team are available for the day and register here:

However in order to prevent no shows on the day, prepays will be mandatory. The captain of each team will need to send $75 for amateurs or $100 for pros to the paypal email address: [email protected] Your team's sign up will not be confirmed until prepay is confirmed. Make sure you include your team name in the paypal payment reference. Signups will be locked at 8 teams for the Amateur open bracket.

Extended rules:


Amateur division

Time: Saturday, 12th of September 8:30am
Venue: West Coast Tafe Joondalup - 35 Kendrew Crescent Joondalup A block, first floor. (Above ground floor)

Entry Fee: $75 buy in per team. Entry cost includes pizza and drinks for all amateur participants and contributes to the prize pool.

Prize Pool: Winning team entered into Pro Division Tournament (entry fee paid)

Pro division

Time: Sunday, 13th of September 8:30am
Venue: West Coast Tafe Joondalup - 35 Kendrew Crescent Joondalup A block, first floor. (Above ground floor)

Entry Fee: $100 buy in per team, for the prize pool.
Prize Pool: 1st-4th place 40/30/20/10% of entry fees respectively.
Pro League players will have Pizzas donated by JoY.
5 years ago

[WA] avaLANche VI - May 30th - $250 CS:GO Tournament

No worries if you guys aren't able to make it.

For myself, road tripping to RFLAN with my mates, some tunes and a stop at the bakery is all part of the experience.

it will cost me $250 in petrol to get to bunbury

Quote from tonk$ on the 8th of April 2015
Where do you live? Broome? It's no more than $80 round trip from Perth.
6 years ago

[WA] avaLANche VI - May 30th - $250 CS:GO Tournament


===== Avalanche VI =====
Date: Saturday, 30th of May, 2015
Time: 9am Saturday - 3am Sunday
Location: South West Italian Club
17 White st
Bunbury, Western Australia
Google Maps:,+East+Bunbury+WA+6230/@-33.3350862,115.6545236,16z/data=!4m5!1m2!2m1!1ssouth+west+italian+club+bunbury!3m1!1s0x2a2e1d6387b3b1bf:0x7e7e184b95ee805c
Price: $15 if you register online
$20 at the door
Group seating:
Facebook Event:

First time at our LAN?
Read our FAQ here:, to know what to expect and what you will need to bring.
Here are some photos from our previous events:
There's plenty of parking available at the venue.
For food we have multiple pizza orders throughout the weekend, snacks & drinks available for sale and are a few minutes drive from the Bunbury Forum which has several restaurants.

====Tournaments ====

Tournament schedule:

Super Smash Bros 1v1 on Wii U Prize: $50
Counter-Strike Global Offensive 5v5 Prize: $250
Team Fortress 2 Ultiduo 2v2 Prize: $100

Fun Tournaments:

Call of Duty 4
Unreal Tournament 2k4
Dota 2
Age of Empires 2 HD
Trackmania Nations


Check us out on:
6 years ago

[WA] Avalanche #4 Bunbury LAN Party

Hope to see you there Deski. Where abouts would you be travelling from?
6 years ago

[WA] Avalanche #4 Bunbury LAN Party

The time has come for another Avalanche LAN!

Taking place during the Christmas holidays it will be a day of games and good times.

As usual we will be running competitions on the night and giving away some prizes.

If this is your first LAN make sure you read our requently Asked Questions on what to expect and what to bring:
View some photos from previous events here:

Time: Opens: 9am Saturday
Close: 3am Sunday
Location: South West Italian Club, 18 White st, Bunbury
Cost: $15
Equipment: Bring your own computer (or laptop) or Console. This includes your computer, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Headphones, Power Cables, Network Cable and power board.

Please help spread the word by telling your friends about us.

As a thank you for helping spread the word we are giving away a TT eSports Saphira Gaming mouse and 9 Steam games!
Enter at:

6 years ago

BYOPC LAN [WA, Bunbury] avaLANche 19-20th Jan 2013

We are a new BYOPC LAN in Bunbury, Western Australia. (90 mins south of Perth).
We'll be running tournaments for several games including Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Dota 2, Counterstrike Source/GO, TF2 and C&C Generals based on the interest shown.

When: 19-20th January 2013
Where: Hangar 19 at Unit 5/31 Denning Road, Bunbury, Western Australia Map
Entry: $25 per person
Register at
We also have a Facebook page where you can win some steam games.
8 years ago


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