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7th Jun 2010




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This kid is on par with the best SMG's playing at the moment. Definitely recommended for CGP. He has put in more hours in this game then most of the community.

At the very least deserves cgi spot.

Give this little cunt a go.
10 years ago

CGi: Endless vs Team Elevate

Endless to win the world cup 2014
11 years ago

CGi: Endless vs AVANT.Tt

Doc, you are a God.
11 years ago

Leaving the Community

Hey guys, just an update I'm leaving the call of duty 4 community. I use to be known as Crax.

I never regret the years I was a cod4 player. I made solid and long lasting friendships with many individuals of the cyber gamer community. All this amounted to a glorious SGL performance with my team - endless. I remember nervously making eye contact with my team mates, knowing that us being together, as a team would not last forever. I remember Inject not giving me lollies at LAN, knowing that the sugar would make me play bad.

I helped made endless in 2010 and I left being part of endless in 2012. The team evolved so much I just couldn't keep up with the high demands imposed by DOC and his crew to keep his team in tip top shape. Everyday he use to set up a schedule for scrimming, and I could not meet that quota due to other commitments.

With my loss, endless experiences a bit of a downward spiral but with the beaming confidence of DOC and his second in command, Inject, they slowly recovered to grab CGA glory. I smile from behind the blue glow of my computer screen as I watch streams late at night of what my team has become. The next day, I wake up with a smile on my face.

Just some shoutouts:

Doc, Inject, Prezzae, Zezzer, Brownie, feign, Bind all the other endless boyz/ ex-boyz. I'll miss all of you, you will forever take a place close to my heart. I hope u all understand the Kaylee fiasco was all in good fun. A bit of trolling for a few years never hurt anyone right?

Zezzer- I might marry a sheep just to get NZ citizenship.

Samson-Nice hair flicks <3 when u scrimmed with me and taught me to become a better man

Inject - Someone said on facebook you looked like a retarded camel? Later that day I personally went to his house and killed the man who posted that.

Bind - Red headed doucebag....but he was MY douchebag.

Omen - Quit gaming bro sick of seeing you wasting time with these scrubs at LANs. No one will understand you, but I do.

Yeh I forget who else to shoutout. Have fun gaming and know that the community lost someone whose skills and charisma will never be recovered.

11 years ago

CnC - Endless Club

Yeh, I don't intend for it to be a team logo. Just playin' around.
11 years ago

CnC - Endless Club

Some feedback fellas, first ever logo.

11 years ago

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Call of Duty 4


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11 years ago


10,000 views thread

10,000 views thread

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Platinum League Team

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