PC: StarCraft 2 FFYI

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10:31am 2/2/19

What are our thoughts on delaying this for 3.5 hours to enable more people to ready up and particapate @vksimon @salivanth @easyteesk @embangiay @saxy ?

10:33am 2/2/19 - replying to JawsOCE

Gonna be honest, it feels unfair to the players who were all here on time and ready to go. I did have other stuff I wanted to get to this afternoon.

10:34am 2/2/19 - replying to JawsOCE

I would prefer the current time as I have to write on the GSL in a few hours.

10:35am 2/2/19 - replying to JawsOCE

And yeah if people can't be ready for a certain time then in my opinion that's their loss. I had to force myself awake for this.