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Semi & Grand Finals Wrap-Up – CS:GO ANZ Invitational

Posted by Amy Potter Nov 09, 2018 in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Semi Finals

Game 1 

The first map of the semifinals was Train, and it was Legacy starting off on the right foot as even on T-side they took out the pistol round and took three more rounds in a game start reminiscent of the Chiefs’ thumping by Tainted Minds the week before. The Chiefs attempted to take it back by loading moey and infrequent with AWPs, but once again it was Legacy who took the round and more and more control of the game.

The Chiefs finally managed to claw one back, limiting the damage to only being 6-1 down, and Legacy’s momentum was halted. The Chiefs have always had a buff when playing on LAN, and they took one more before Legacy quickly executed a play down on lowers and restored their lead to 5. The Chiefs weren’t taking that lying down however, and for the rest of the half put on an absolute clinic to only be down by one heading into their T-side.

Legacy weren’t ahead for long, as the Chiefs claimed the pistol round to tie the game. They took another one but couldn’t keep up with Legacy’s pace as the fourth-placed side decimated Chiefs again and again to lead 15-10. A smart call led four of Legacy to save their weapons for the next round, which proved decisive as they closed that out to take the first map 16-11.

Game 2

The Chiefs chose Nuke, attempting to emulate their last victory against Legacy where they won 16-10. However, it didn’t start out that way as Legacy took the pistol round, however as favoured as they were for that second round it was the Chiefs closing it out with some fantastic play. They followed that up with four more rounds of their own to lead 5-1, but Legacy stayed in it as they often killed off multiple Chiefs players.

Legacy made a run and snapped up three quick rounds to only be down by one, but it was the Chiefs who called a tactical pause, using it to reset. And it worked, as they took five more rounds with some strong control over the sites to lead 10-4 heading into the final round of the first half. They got the bomb down, and some strong play from Legacy led to all of the Chiefs falling, but it was far too late for the bomb to be defused and the Chiefs went to CT leading 11-4

For the first time this match, Legacy lost a pistol round and it was at the worst time possible as they were now facing down a 12-4 deficit, and the boys in blue weren’t holding back as they moved to match point with an epic 4k from flickz before Lacore shut him down. However, it wasn’t long before the Chiefs took that round and the final round to take the win 16-4 and move into the final map with momentum.

Game 3

The decider would be played on Mirage, and it was Legacy starting on CT as they took out the knife round. Three quick headshots from bl1tz quickly put the round into the favour of Legacy and they took the early lead, and the second round was even quicker. A sweet Kobe killed off moey in the third but it was the Chiefs who won the third round after tucks stepped up, and the Chiefs followed up with a second before a pause came through.

After the pause, it was Chiefs who dropped Legacy again with some high IQ play to move 3-2 up. Rounds traded back and forward as both teams were extremely bloodthirsty, eventually trading 2 apiece to go 5-4. However, the Chiefs wanted that finals spot and they burst out and starting popping off, claiming four more rounds as the game went into the last round of the first half 9-5 in Chiefs’s favour.

It was time for Legacy to clutch out the pistol round and get back into the game, having won 4/5 rounds throughout the day. However, a ninja play from Texta set up the Chiefs for the win and now all they had all the cards in this game. They moved to a 14-5 lead before Legacy managed to salvage a round, but Chiefs moved to match point not long after. And Legacy couldn’t stop them as they won the game 16-6 and locked in their spot against Tainted Minds in the final.

Grand Finals

Game 1

Up on Inferno, it was Tainted Minds who picked up the first pistol round on the CT side, and followed it up with the second round to take the early lead. With infrequent and moey extremely low, it seemd like Tainted would take a third no sweat, but a clutch from infrequent filled USTILO and sico with bullets to take the round. They took another one to equalise it, but when it came down to a 1v1 in the fifth round, it was USTILO that fell after a epic Kobe grenade toss to win the round for the Chiefs.

Both teams traded rounds in a very close contest, but it was always the Chiefs edging ahead by one or two rounds before Tainted mounted a small comeback to be down 9-6 going into the second half. The comeback would continue as a strong pistol round gave Tainted Minds the momentum to make a truly phenomenal run, snatching six rounds in a row to now be in prime position to take the first map.

They were poised for their thirteenth with the bomb down on A, but a rush through from the Chiefs gave them the defuse and their tenth round to really tighten up this game. A few early frags gave the Chiefs room to position around A, and it wasn’t long before they killed the two remaining members of TM in zewsy and ap0c to bring it back to 11-12. Tainted Minds were still favoured, but the Chiefs couldn’t be stopped as they took five rounds back-to-back to take the win and the lead in the series.

Game 2

For Chiefs, a win here would be another testament to their LAN prowess. For Tainted Minds, it was a must-win lest they lose a tournament they’d been undefeated in prior to today. Yet for a team that this game was a must-win for, they didn’t start off well as the Chiefs came away with the pistol round and a second after a 4k from infrequent. Even though Tainted Minds full-bought with a cache of AK-47s, the Chiefs shut them down once again.

It took a 5-0 deficit, eerily reminiscent of last week’s match yet in reverse, for Tainted Minds to wake up and take their first round of the game. A man down in the seventh round didn’t stop them from taking a second and it looked like the comeback was on as they took a third. But the Chiefs took a tactical pause, reset, and took three rounds to lead 8-3. A round from TM was interspersed with more rounds from the Chiefs and they ended the first half with an 11-4

It was now do-or-die for Tainted Minds, but they lost the pistol round and the round following to be 13-4. I know that would tilt me, but Tainted Minds calmly executed and took a fifth. They took a sixth before Chiefs once again caught sight of the title and picked off member after member of TM. Now 14-6, the Chiefs moved to match point and and in a final epic showdown, flickz poked his head up to headshot sico and give Chiefs the game 16-6 and the title with it.

That’s all from me for the LPL ANZ CS:GO Invitational, I hope you all had a blast and we’ll see you next time! Congrats again to the Chiefs Esports Club for winning Season 2!

Written by Alex Leckie-Zaharic
Image credit: @TJBirrd