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Tainted Minds Player Bio: ShorterACE

Posted by tanialpl Dec 12, 2016 in League of Legends
Name: Ryan Nget
Alias: ShorterACE
Position: Jungle
Residency: North America
Age: 19
Most Played Champions

Lee Sin Gragas Nunu
Lee Sin Gragas Nunu
From Washington, Ryan has been playing professionally since 2014 across a range of North American teams. He has since played for notable teams including ‘Final Five’, ‘Enemy’, ‘Winterfox’; where he competed in the 2015 NACS Summer Season and most recently ‘Eanix’ in the 2016 NACS Summer Season.
Player History
ShorterACE’s first notable team was COGnitive Gaming, where he jungled from July 2014 to October 2014, including a quarterfinal finish in the NACS Summer Split #2 in 2014.

In 2015, ShorterACE joined Final Five, a North American Spring Expansion Team. ShorterACE would leave Final Five to join BrawL.NA, a team that formally featured Alex Ich in the mid lane.

Most recently, ShorterACE started all but one game for Winterfox in the 2015 NACS Summer Season.

Team History
Social Media
– twitter.com/ShorterACE
– twitch.tv/shorterace
– facebook.com/shorteracelol
– youtube.com/user/shorteracelol
– reddit.com/user/shorterace