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Tainted Minds vs. Chiefs Grand Final Preview – CS:GO ANZ Invitational

Posted by Amy Potter Nov 08, 2018 in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

It’s all come down to this. Weeks and weeks of thrilling head-shots, epic grenades and awesome clutch plays have led to this. Last night we had our LPL CS:GO ANZ Invitational semifinal between Chiefs and Legacy, and after a colossal three-map battle the Chiefs emerged victorious as the challengers to tournament favourites Tainted Minds, who have blitzed through the competition undefeated.

The boys repping the #TMNATION have been nothing short of brilliant in this tournament. First they beat Grayhound 16-11 to make a statement, then followed that up with an incredible effort to withstand Breakaway Esports to win 16-13. It then got even better for the fans as they stomped Ground Zero 16-1 and beat Legacy 16-10. Lastly, they took down tonight’s challengers just last week 16-5.

And it wasn’t close at all, even less so than the scoreline belies. TM ran out to a monstrous 10-0 lead, only to be stopped by moey who did so by taking his first kill of the game. Tainted Minds took three more rounds before Chiefs won the final round of the first half, and the 13-2 deficit was only compounded as both teams won three rounds apiece and Tainted took the map.

I had a chat to apoc from TM about the matchup tonight “We are feeling very confident going into tonight. We’ve been on the slow grind of improvement since the formation of our roster. Think we are about ready to peak. We have to limit chiefs randomness to win today. They can turn games scrappy and find holes in our game. As long as we maintain our cohesion over the series I think we will be sweet

Tonight can definitely be a whole ‘nother beast. Three maps means plenty of opportunities for both teams to step up, and although Tainted Minds will get the extra map selection, Chiefs with their first map choice can easily ride the momentum and take the series. The Chiefs will be looking to bounce back from their loss to Grayhound last night in the MDL straight after their victory over Legacy.

Tainted Minds, on the other hand, have all the cards. They’ve got the form. They’ve got the momentum. They’re well rested. It is going to be a massively hard ask for the Chiefs to take them down, but either way, tune in to SKY Sport 6 and twitch.tv/letsplaylive tonight for some epic frags and for the Kiwi fans, to score yourself some free food from Carls. Jr.

Written by Alex Leckie-Zaharic