COMPLETED - 30 months ago

PS4: COD: IW Season 1 CGa Finals

Prize Pool:



4v4: Double Elimination

Start Date:

30 months ago

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ATTN ADMIN: Please cancel as payments are sorted.

Teams Competing (7)


F-2 - - (seed: 1)

2 ProdigyANZ

F-2 - - (seed: 3)

6 PreVail u18

L-4 - - (seed: 5)

53 FierceESC

L-3 - - (seed: 2)

Sleeper Gaming

L-2 - - (seed: 8)

5 Empyre eSports

L-1 - - (seed: 7)

28 Fierce Nation

L-1 - - (seed: 4)

Payout structure:
#Team Prize
1st:7 days
2nd:6 days
3rd:5 days
The LPL Subscription prize pool will increase as more teams join the tournament. The prize pool is evenly split between all members/subs in the team.
Prize pool pay structure (4 places paid):
Places paid will not increase.

Teams that receive prizes will have the winnings split evenly between all members/subs. LPL Credits Information.
1stProdigyANZTBA - 500.00
2ndAcademyANZTBA - 300.00
3rdPreVail u18TBA - 200.00
4thFierceESCTBA - 200.00
5thFierce NationTBA

Tournament info

Tournament status:




Start time: Saturday 12:00pm April 1st 2017
Registration period was automatically extended.

LPL Subscription required for all players (inc subs):


To compete in this tournament you must have an active LPL Subscription subscription.

Prize Pool:


Tournament should be linked to a season.

The entire prize pool is provided by Lets Play Live, please consider supporting Lets Play Live by subscribing to LPL Subscription.

1stProdigyANZTBA - 500.00
2ndAcademyANZTBA - 300.00
3rdPreVail u18TBA - 200.00
4thFierceESCTBA - 200.00
5thFierce NationTBA

LPL Admin

Admin Bot

12:20am 2/4/17

Tournament ID 12405 is now in the final stages of completion!

LPL Admin

Admin Bot

9:08pm 1/4/17

Grand final has been created: ProdigyANZ vs AcademyANZ. ProdigyANZ must be defeated twice because they are still in the winners bracket and have not lost yet, a second final will appear if required.

1:27pm 1/4/17

Server Status says gaming and social is online but Account Management: Signing into Playstation Network is experiencing issues:
PlayStation Network Status
PlayStation Network Status

1:24pm 1/4/17

If this Server issue is still occuring in an hour and a half, we may see a reschedule. Hopefully it resolves itself before then. This will need to be confirmed by Gib or higher admin

1:15pm 1/4/17

undergoing maintenance apparently

1:14pm 1/4/17

@itzblakee I think servers are down as my whole team cant get on right now, just dont wanna get wapped because of this.

1:40pm 1/4/17 - replying to ragerbum

we're watching this issue, no teams will be taking a wap from this, please just monitor your bracket and if you have any issues, feel free to tag me, cheers

LPL Admin

Admin Bot

12:02pm 1/4/17

Tournament has started, the bracket can now be viewed. Teams will be entered into their first match shortly.

LPL Admin

Admin Bot

12:00pm 1/4/17

Registrations have now closed, ineligible teams will be removed shortly.

10:46am 1/4/17

If anyone has any issues at all today, Just tag myself or another admin, I will be watching this tournament closely, good-luck to all teams today, cheers

LPL Admin

Admin Bot

8:56pm 30/3/17

An admin has moved the start time back by 120m, tournament will now start at 12:00pm 1/4/17.

LPL Admin

Admin Bot

5:43pm 28/3/17

Registrations are now open