PC: Overwatch Weekly

Prize Pool:



6v6: Single Elimination

Start Date:

20 months ago

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Tournament Log

TimeEventAdditional InformationUser
7:30pm 30/11/17Tournament cancelled insufficient numbers-CyberGamer Admin
7:30pm 30/11/17Removed all teamsRemoved teams: 0 (0 were eligible) (registrations have already closed...)CyberGamer Admin
7:30pm 30/11/17Tournament starting last checktime taken: 33.6sCyberGamer Admin
7:30pm 30/11/17Removed incomplete teamsRemoved teams: 0 (registrations have already closed...) time taken: 33.6sCyberGamer Admin
7:30pm 30/11/17Registrations now closedtime taken: 28sCyberGamer Admin
7:20pm 30/11/17Teams not ready removedTeams removed: 1CyberGamer Admin
7:20pm 30/11/17Extension check completedTournament does not need a time extension.CyberGamer Admin
5:29pm 30/11/17Ready up notifications sent-CyberGamer Admin
7:42pm 21/11/17Registrations now open-CyberGamer Admin
7:40pm 21/11/17Tournament created-CyberGamer Admin