Big Cheese Puggers

Placed: 2nd. A team linked to the tournament: PC: CSGO Saturday Tournament (Archived) - start time: 5:30pm 14/4/18. (Ready'd up!)
Combined this team has competed in 4 tournaments.

Founder: lukeS
Created: 3:09pm 14/4/18
Placed: 0
Premium: 5
Most Recent Match:
Big Cheese Puggers vs Lone Rangers
Has finished 1st-4th in 0 tournaments.

Team Overview

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Team Members

Team MembersGame IDEligibleSubCaptain
Added by: lukeSUS pc Darknight2340:39546115YesNoYes
Added by: lukeSNZ pc CrimZM0:135642728YesNoYes
Added by: lukeSAU pc lukeS0:97442186YesNoYes
Added by: lukeSAU pc navero0:95597357YesNoNo
Added by: lukeSAU pc Kezza1:95055999YesNoNo
Added by: lukeSAU pc candl3v21:99167346YesYesNo


Match TitleWinnerMatch Time
Big Cheese Puggers vs Lone Rangers
Big Cheese Puggers: 16-65:36pm 14/4/18
Big Cheese Puggers vs The boys
The boys: 19-166:33pm 14/4/18