COMPLETED - 5 months ago

PC: CSGO CGPL Champs Closed qualifier

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5v5: Double Elimination

Start Date:

7 months ago

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Rules Overview

All players must record demos. Failure to provide a requested demo will result in a forfeit.

Teams Competing (8)

14 madlikewizards

3 - 856277 (seed: 2)

Legacy eSports

3 - 856277 (seed: 1)

10 Taboo

L-2 - - (seed: 4)


L-2 - 856278 (seed: 3)


L-2 - - (seed: 6)

ex-Avant Gaming

L-2 - - (seed: 5)


L-2 - 856278 (seed: 8)

3 Ducc

L-1 - - (seed: 7)

Tournament info

Tournament status:




Start time: Monday 6:00pm November 12th 2018

Subscription required for all players (inc subs):


To compete in this tournament you must have an active Subscription subscription.

Map(s) chosen by veto on the match page at the start of the match

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8:02pm 11/11/18

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7:56pm 11/11/18

An admin has auto ready'd all teams and closed registrations, early seeding of the bracket will commence shortly.

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6:28pm 11/11/18

Registrations are now open