COMPLETED - 28 months ago

PC: StarCraft 2 FFYI

Prize Pool:



1v1: Double Elimination

Start Date:

28 months ago

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Fight For Your Invite (FFYI)
The top 4 players will be invited to the Challenger Division.
The 5th-12th placing players will be invited to the Amateur Division

Tournament Matches - FINALS BRACKET

Demi vs syfCrimsonTBADemi won!13:40pm 2/2/19

Tournament Matches - LOSERS BRACKET

Rize vs syfCrimsonTBAsyfCrimson won!63:40pm 2/2/19
Rize vs pezzTBARize won!52:58pm 2/2/19
Salivanth vs pezzTBApezz won!42:38pm 2/2/19
Rize vs VividTBARize won!41:44pm 2/2/19
Saxy vs SalivanthTBASalivanth won!31:44pm 2/2/19
Rize vs Light_VIPTBARize won!31:10pm 2/2/19
Rize vs LunethTBARize won!212:48pm 2/2/19
EmBanGiay vs SaxyTBASaxy won!212:46pm 2/2/19
EazyTeeSK vs SalivanthTBASalivanth won!212:26pm 2/2/19
Chappy vs Light_VIPTBALight_VIP won!212:26pm 2/2/19
Rize vs vkSimonTBARize won!112:02pm 2/2/19
team vs EmBanGiayTBAEmBanGiay won!111:52am 2/2/19
Nemesis vs ChappyTBAChappy won!111:50am 2/2/19
EazyTeeSK vs TEAM TBA - 2TBAEazyTeeSK won!111:59am 2/2/19

Tournament Matches - MAIN BRACKET

Demi vs syfCrimsonTBADemi won!43:24pm 2/2/19
pezz vs syfCrimsonTBAsyfCrimson won!312:26pm 2/2/19
Vivid vs DemiTBADemi won!312:26pm 2/2/19
Vivid vs SalivanthTBAVivid won!212:02pm 2/2/19
pezz vs Light_VIPTBApezz won!211:52am 2/2/19
Saxy vs DemiTBADemi won!211:50am 2/2/19
Luneth vs syfCrimsonTBAsyfCrimson won!211:44am 2/2/19
Vivid vs RizeTBAVivid won!111:58am 2/2/19
TEAM TBA - 2 vs syfCrimsonTBAsyfCrimson won!111:23am 2/2/19
EazyTeeSK vs LunethTBALuneth won!111:08am 2/2/19
EmBanGiay vs Light_VIPTBALight_VIP won!111:08am 2/2/19
pezz vs teamTBApezz won!111:09am 2/2/19
Demi vs ChappyTBADemi won!111:08am 2/2/19
Nemesis vs SaxyTBASaxy won!111:08am 2/2/19
Salivanth vs vkSimonTBASalivanth won!111:08am 2/2/19
30 matches completed. 0 matches scheduled. In the next 12 hours there are 0 matches scheduled