COMPLETED - 61 days ago

PC: LPL 2020: Rainbow 6 Siege (PC) Open Weeklies

Prize Pool:



5v5: Single Elimination

Start Date:

61 days ago

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Tournament Matches - MAIN BRACKET

Mentos vs jUsTiCe eSpOrTsMAP TBAjUsTiCe eSpOrTs won!511:12pm 31/3/20
District 4 vs jUsTiCe eSpOrTsMAP TBAjUsTiCe eSpOrTs won!410:08pm 31/3/20
Mentos vs AnticzMAP TBAMentos won!49:56pm 31/3/20
District 4 vs Match Point EsportsMAP TBADistrict 4 won!39:30pm 31/3/20
jUsTiCe eSpOrTs vs ScottiesTooHottiesMAP TBAjUsTiCe eSpOrTs won!39:22pm 31/3/20
Mentos vs Team ManicMAP TBAMentos won!39:02pm 31/3/20
Anticz vs Vulcan EsportsMAP TBAAnticz won!38:46pm 31/3/20
Team Solar vs District 4MAP TBADistrict 4 won!28:20pm 31/3/20
ScottiesTooHotties vs ENTiTYMAP TBAScottiesTooHotties won!28:16pm 31/3/20
Mentos vs Vague R6MAP TBAMentos won!28:14pm 31/3/20
jUsTiCe eSpOrTs vs Yowie HuntersMAP TBAjUsTiCe eSpOrTs won!27:38pm 31/3/20
Match Point Esports vs The Orgy BoysMAP TBAMatch Point Esports won!27:38pm 31/3/20
Evalesco vs Vulcan EsportsMAP TBAVulcan Esports won!27:38pm 31/3/20
Anticz vs DidIAskMAP TBAAnticz won!27:38pm 31/3/20
Team Manic vs Rise EsportsMAP TBATeam Manic won!27:16pm 31/3/20
ScottiesTooHotties vs Sandball Appreciation ClubMAP TBAScottiesTooHotties won!17:16pm 31/3/20
Yowie Hunters vs TEAM TBA - 4MAP TBAYowie Hunters won!17:31pm 31/3/20
Match Point Esports vs TEAM TBA - 3MAP TBAMatch Point Esports won!17:31pm 31/3/20
Bandits ESC vs District 4MAP TBADistrict 4 won!17:16pm 31/3/20
Evalesco vs TEAM TBA - 1MAP TBAEvalesco won!17:31pm 31/3/20
DidIAsk vs TEAM TBA - 2MAP TBADidIAsk won!17:31pm 31/3/20
Vandetta vs Vague R6MAP TBAVague R6 won!17:16pm 31/3/20

Tournament Matches - UNKNOWN BRACKET

Anticz vs District 4MAP TBADistrict 4 won!For 3rd11:12pm 31/3/20
23 matches completed. 0 matches scheduled. In the next 12 hours there are 0 matches scheduled