Match Point Esports

Founder: L0NE
Created: 6:35pm 31/3/20
Placed: 1
Premium: 5
Most Recent Match:
Match Point Esports vs TEAM TBA - 3
Has finished 1st-4th in 2 tournaments.

Team Overview

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Team Members

Team MembersGame IDEligibleSubCaptain
Added by: L0NE AU pc L0NEYesNoYes
Added by: L0NEAU pc AvariceYesNoNo
Added by: L0NEAU pc WinsumyalusesumYesNoNo
Added by: L0NENZ pc PrismaticYesNoNo
Added by: L0NE AU pc D4RKAUYesNoNo


Match TitleWinnerMatch Time
Match Point Esports vs The Orgy Boys
Match Point Esports: 1-07:38pm 31/3/20
Match Point Esports vs TEAM TBA - 3
Match Point Esports: 1-07:31pm 31/3/20
District 4 vs Match Point Esports
District 4: 1-09:30pm 31/3/20

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