LPL 2020: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Free ANZ Cup

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5v5: Single Elimination

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4 days ago

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Quick rules:
Settings as per
Cross platform, teams may have players from any platform (PS4, Xbox, PC).

Winner gets free entry to next week's subscription required $600 cup.
If the winner is already subscribed, the next placing team will get the free entry.

Minimum of 4 teams.

Last updated by: JawsOCE - 9:55am 24/5/20


No teams have joined this tournament.

Teams that withdrew or were removed (5)

Gun Elite

Auto removed (were eligible, waiting list not used)

KiNG Clan

Auto removed (were eligible, waiting list not used)







Tournament info

This tournament has RANDOM seeding for all teams.


Cancelled (insufficient teams)

Start time: Sunday 2:00pm May 24th 2020

LPL Admin

Admin Bot

1:59pm 24/5/20

Tournament has been cancelled due to insufficient team numbers. We required 8 team to join, only 2 eligible teams signed up.

LPL Admin

Admin Bot

1:59pm 24/5/20

Registrations have now closed, ineligible teams will be removed shortly.

LPL Admin

Admin Bot

1:51pm 24/5/20

Teams that have not ready'd up have been removed (3), final signups still open.

1:37pm 24/5/20

Hey lads Dm for a fun scrim If tourny still isn’t on

11:22am 24/5/20

Imagine forgetting to ready up

11:04am 24/5/20

Tarnsky what’s your Username and #

7:36pm 23/5/20

Are these SND games or other modes ?

7:39pm 23/5/20 - replying to mox2g

It is cod league game modes hardpoint SnD and Domination

8:08pm 23/5/20 - replying to mox2g

so how does the best of 3 work? is it all 3 game modes or what, doesnt really say in rules what modes are played and how it works

11:03am 24/5/20 - replying to mox2g

It does say what modes and out of 3

LPL Admin

Admin Bot

2:08pm 11/5/20

Registrations are now open