PC: LPL Challenger Promotion/Relegation Series

Prize Pool:



1v1: Double Elimination

Start Date:

12 days ago

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Signups (8)


2 - 883065 (seed: 4)


2 - 883065 (seed: 8)

Laughing Til Crying

2 - - (seed: 3)


L-2 - 883403 (seed: 7)

Dino Cursor

L-2 - 883403 (seed: 1)

Team Echo

L-1 - - (seed: 5)

2 Swedish Australians

L-1 - 883001 (seed: 6)

Good Footy

L-1 - 883001 (seed: 2)

Tournament info

Matches for this tournament require one team to offer times and the opposing team to accept times. Each team has 24 hours to offer/accept. You have the option to pre-select all of your available times for the tournament, this will allow some of your matches to be auto-scheduled to an ideal time for you, rather than having your opponent offer you times.

Tournament status:

Running - Double Elimination



Start time: Saturday 4:12pm May 16th 2020

Map(s) chosen by veto on the match page at the start of the match

LPL Admin

Admin Bot

4:09pm 16/5/20

Tournament has started, the bracket can now be viewed. Teams will be entered into their first match shortly.

LPL Admin

Admin Bot

4:05pm 16/5/20

An admin has auto ready'd all teams and closed registrations, early seeding of the bracket will commence shortly.

LPL Admin

Admin Bot

4:03pm 16/5/20

Registrations are now open