COMPLETED - 25 months ago

PC: PC: 2021 VOT - Stage 01 Open Qualifiers 01 - RESET

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5v5: Single Elimination

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25 months ago

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Tournament Matches - MAIN BRACKET

Wildcard Gaming vs DemonMAP TBAWildcard Gaming won!63:30pm 14/2/21
Croccers vs Wildcard GamingMAP TBAWildcard Gaming won!53:30pm 13/2/21
Mindfreak vs DemonMAP TBADemon won!53:30pm 13/2/21
OverPalaStrike vs DemonMAP TBADemon won!41:00pm 13/2/21
Wildcard Gaming vs Dire WolvesMAP TBAWildcard Gaming won!41:00pm 13/2/21
ORDER vs CroccersMAP TBACroccers won!41:00pm 13/2/21
Mindfreak vs Paradox GamingMAP TBAMindfreak won!41:00pm 13/2/21
Genuine Gaming vs DemonMAP TBADemon won!37:00pm 12/2/21
Mindfreak vs ShadownetMAP TBAMindfreak won!37:00pm 12/2/21
AGG. vs Dire WolvesMAP TBADire Wolves won!36:58pm 12/2/21
OverPalaStrike vs NebulaMAP TBAOverPalaStrike won!37:30pm 12/2/21
ORDER vs Exsto GamingMAP TBAORDER won!36:58pm 12/2/21
Grinch Gang vs CroccersMAP TBACroccers won!37:00pm 12/2/21
TinyTurtles vs Paradox GamingMAP TBAParadox Gaming won!36:58pm 12/2/21
Wildcard Gaming vs FuncrewMAP TBAWildcard Gaming won!37:00pm 12/2/21
Genuine Gaming vs Pog PatrolMAP TBAGenuine Gaming won!26:58pm 11/2/21
Finality vs CroccersMAP TBACroccers won!27:00pm 11/2/21
Scorpclan vs Dire WolvesMAP TBADire Wolves won!26:58pm 11/2/21
POTENT vs Paradox GamingMAP TBAParadox Gaming won!26:58pm 11/2/21
Voltage vs NebulaMAP TBANebula won!26:58pm 11/2/21
Wildcard Gaming vs WheelsMAP TBAWildcard Gaming won!27:21pm 11/2/21
OverPalaStrike vs Concrete MonkeysMAP TBAOverPalaStrike won!27:00pm 11/2/21
Exsto Gaming vs FriendingsMAP TBAExsto Gaming won!27:00pm 11/2/21
Sanguine vs AGG.MAP TBAAGG. won!27:00pm 11/2/21
Bandits vs TinyTurtlesMAP TBATinyTurtles won!27:00pm 11/2/21
Yee Yee Ass Haircut vs DemonMAP TBADemon won!28:00pm 11/2/21
Shadownet vs Elemental EsportsMAP TBAShadownet won!27:00pm 11/2/21
Mindfreak vs Radie EsportsMAP TBAMindfreak won!27:00pm 11/2/21
ORDER vs Peen ClanMAP TBAORDER won!27:00pm 11/2/21
TS Gaming vs FuncrewMAP TBAFuncrew won!27:00pm 11/2/21
Grinch Gang vs Purpose EsportsMAP TBAGrinch Gang won!27:30pm 10/2/21
work in progress vs DemonMAP TBADemon won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Yee Yee Ass Haircut vs BlazingGamersMAP TBAYee Yee Ass Haircut won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Pog Patrol vs The SluggalinisMAP TBAPog Patrol won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Genuine Gaming vs Dire EsportsMAP TBAGenuine Gaming won!19:18pm 10/2/21
Nebula vs Bedtime BoysMAP TBANebula won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Voltage vs i_notscaredscape_staircaseMAP TBAVoltage won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Concrete Monkeys vs The BradburysMAP TBAConcrete Monkeys won!17:00pm 10/2/21
OverPalaStrike vs Dogecoin Investers CrewMAP TBAOverPalaStrike won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Paradox Gaming vs Mixed RealityMAP TBAParadox Gaming won!17:00pm 10/2/21
POTENT vs KindredMAP TBAPOTENT won!17:20pm 10/2/21
Gerbils vs TinyTurtlesMAP TBATinyTurtles won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Bandits vs TDS EsportsMAP TBABandits won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Elemental Esports vs Sea HorsiesMAP TBAElemental Esports won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Shadownet vs boostedMAP TBAShadownet won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Lincoln High School S.A.C. vs Radie EsportsMAP TBARadie Esports won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Mindfreak vs Aquatic EsportsMAP TBAMindfreak won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Vice vs Dire WolvesMAP TBADire Wolves won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Scorpclan vs Concrete MonkeysMAP TBAScorpclan won!17:00pm 10/2/21
AGG. vs Team Kick ItMAP TBAAGG. won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Sanguine vs EST - EAST SPORTS TEAMMAP TBASanguine won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Funcrew vs Need a new nameMAP TBAFuncrew won!17:00pm 10/2/21
TS Gaming vs Fire Scale BlackMAP TBATS Gaming won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Ultra Lords vs WheelsMAP TBAWheels won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Wildcard Gaming vs Villains eSportsMAP TBAWildcard Gaming won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Croccers vs ooga boogaMAP TBACroccers won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Finality vs intersMAP TBAFinality won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Purpose Esports vs 1NE eSportsMAP TBAPurpose Esports won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Grinch Gang vs Six6 EsportsMAP TBAGrinch Gang won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Friendings vs New TricksMAP TBAFriendings won!17:00pm 10/2/21
Fighting 4 Freedom vs Exsto GamingMAP TBAExsto Gaming won!17:00pm 10/2/21
the fated five vs Peen ClanMAP TBAPeen Clan won!17:00pm 10/2/21

Tournament Matches - UNKNOWN BRACKET

Croccers vs MindfreakMAP TBAMindfreak won!For 3rd1:00pm 14/2/21
63 matches completed. 0 matches scheduled. In the next 12 hours there are 0 matches scheduled