Exsto Gaming

A team linked to the tournament: PC: PC: 2021 VOT - Stage 01 Open Qualifiers 01 - RESET (Completed - admin verification required) - start time: 11:53am 9/2/21. (Ready'd up!)

This team was forced eligble by an admin, some initial entry requirements have been overridden, they will need to complete payment/eligibility as soon as possible.
Founder: GuessMonster
Created: 8:35pm 7/2/21
Placed: 0
Premium: 1
Most Recent Match:
Fighting 4 Freedom vs Exsto Gaming
Has finished 1st-4th in 0 tournaments.

Team Overview

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Team Members

Team MembersGame IDEligibleSubCaptain
Added by: GuessMonsterAU pc micalisYesNoYes
Added by: GuessMonsterAU pc Dr.SketchyYesNoYes
Added by: GuessMonster AU pc benjidosYesNoYes
Added by: GuessMonsterGB pc ProphetMKIIYesNoYes
Added by: GuessMonsterAU pc VycoNYesNoYes
Added by: GuessMonsterAU pc GuessMonster (Tournament Banned) (MATCH BANNED )NoYesYes
Added by: GuessMonsterAU pc diavYesYesNo
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Match TitleWinnerMatch Time
Exsto Gaming vs Friendings
Exsto Gaming: 2-07:00pm 11/2/21
Fighting 4 Freedom vs Exsto Gaming
Exsto Gaming: 3-07:00pm 10/2/21
ORDER vs Exsto Gaming
ORDER: 2-06:58pm 12/2/21