COMPLETED - 14 months ago

PC: VALORANT Oceania Tour - Stage 03 Regional Final

Prize Pool:



5v5: Double Elimination

Start Date:

15 months ago

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Tournament Matches - FINALS BRACKET

ORDER vs PEACEMAP TBAORDER won!13:30pm 15/8/21

Tournament Matches - LOSERS BRACKET

PEACE vs Wildcard GamingMAP TBAPEACE won!45:58pm 14/8/21
Mindfreak vs PEACEMAP TBAPEACE won!33:30pm 14/8/21
Nebula vs PEACEMAP TBAPEACE won!29:00pm 13/8/21
Team Bliss vs MindfreakMAP TBAMindfreak won!26:30pm 13/8/21
Funky Monkeys vs Team BlissMAP TBATeam Bliss won!16:30pm 12/8/21
Nebula vs Straight Outta The ZooMAP TBANebula won!19:00pm 12/8/21

Tournament Matches - MAIN BRACKET

ORDER vs Wildcard GamingMAP TBAORDER won!33:30pm 14/8/21
ORDER vs PEACEMAP TBAORDER won!26:30pm 12/8/21
Wildcard Gaming vs MindfreakMAP TBAWildcard Gaming won!29:00pm 12/8/21
Mindfreak vs Straight Outta The ZooMAP TBAMindfreak won!16:30pm 11/8/21
Wildcard Gaming vs NebulaMAP TBAWildcard Gaming won!19:00pm 11/8/21
PEACE vs Team BlissMAP TBAPEACE won!19:00pm 11/8/21
ORDER vs Funky MonkeysMAP TBAORDER won!16:30pm 11/8/21
14 matches completed. 0 matches scheduled. In the next 12 hours there are 0 matches scheduled