PC: Season 3 LPL Winter Cup Evolution - Relegation

Prize Pool:



5v5: Double Elimination

Start Date:

12 months ago

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Tournament Matches - LOSERS BRACKET

Team Vision vs Clarity EsportsMAP TBATeam Vision won!37:30pm 25/7/21
1620 Kings vs POTENTMAP TBA1620 Kings won!37:00pm 24/7/21
Burger Esports vs Team VisionMAP TBATeam Vision won!27:15pm 24/7/21
Clarity Esports vs Altered EdgeMAP TBAClarity Esports won!27:30pm 24/7/21
Paranoia Gaming vs POTENTMAP TBAPOTENT won!27:30pm 23/7/21
SOTZ Academy vs 1620 KingsMAP TBA1620 Kings won!27:30pm 22/7/21
Clarity Esports vs Unknown TeamMAP TBAClarity Esports won!19:54pm 21/7/21
Burger Esports vs Eclipse EsportsMAP TBABurger Esports won!16:00pm 23/7/21
Unknown Team vs SOTZ Academy [error?]MAP TBASOTZ Academy won!19:54pm 21/7/21
746 vs Paranoia GamingMAP TBAParanoia Gaming won!17:30pm 21/7/21

Tournament Matches - MAIN BRACKET

POTENT vs Antic EsportsMAP TBAAntic Esports won!27:30pm 22/7/21
Altered Edge vs SUSMAP TBASUS won!28:00pm 22/7/21
Collateral Esports vs Team VisionMAP TBACollateral Esports won!27:15pm 21/7/21
Shadow of Intent vs 1620 KingsMAP TBAShadow of Intent won!28:56pm 20/7/21
Shadow of Intent vs Clarity EsportsMAP TBAShadow of Intent won!17:00pm 20/7/21
Antic Esports vs Eclipse EsportsMAP TBAAntic Esports won!16:30pm 20/7/21
Burger Esports vs POTENTMAP TBAPOTENT won!17:00pm 21/7/21
Paranoia Gaming vs Team VisionMAP TBATeam Vision won!17:30pm 20/7/21
Collateral Esports vs 746MAP TBACollateral Esports won!16:30pm 20/7/21
SOTZ Academy vs SUSMAP TBASUS won!18:00pm 20/7/21
20 matches completed. 0 matches scheduled. In the next 12 hours there are 0 matches scheduled