PC: LPL R6 Weeklies (PC)

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5v5: Single Elimination

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4 days ago

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Tournament Information

Welcome to LPL's Rainbow Six Siege (PC) weeklies!

The Rainbow Six Siege weeklies are LPL Subscriber exclusive tournaments that will continue on until 19 December 2021, and offer 12,000 R6 codes in prizing every Saturday thanks to our friends at Ubisoft, starting from Saturday 30th October!

Weeklies require at least 4 eligible teams to commence.

Single Elimination, Bo1. Finals are Bo3. All weeklies start at 1PM AEDT / 3PM NZDT until finish.

Moss is a required upload, any teams that do not upload their moss files will not be eligible for rewards.

Last updated by: Minxy - 9:55am 22/11/21


No teams have joined this tournament.

Teams that withdrew or were removed (3)


Auto removed (were eligible, waiting list not used)



Mag and Monkees


Tournament info


Cancelled (insufficient teams)



Start time: Saturday 2:00pm November 27th 2021

Maps from: LPL R6 2021: Open

LPL AdminOld

Admin Bot

2:05pm 27/11/21

Tournament has been cancelled due to insufficient team numbers. We required 4 team to join, only 1 eligible teams signed up.

LPL AdminOld

Admin Bot

1:50pm 27/11/21

Teams that have not ready'd up have been removed (1), final signups still open.

LPL AdminOld

Admin Bot

2:07pm 16/11/21

Registrations are now open