PC: LPL R6 Weeklies (PC)

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5v5: Single Elimination

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63 days ago

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Tournament rules!!!

R6: Tournament Ladder related rules

By competing on this ladder, you agree to follow all rules set out below and any additional instructions provided by the LetsPlay.Live(LPL) Rainbow Six Administration team. If you have any questions, problems, queries or concerns then please contact an Admin by putting in a Support Ticket using the Support Ticket System.

Rainbow Six: Siege Ruleset Season

LPL administration has the right to decide outside or even against the ruleset in special cases to guarantee fairplay.

1 - Player Requirements
1.1 - Information
1.2 - Steam IDs
1.3 - Sportsmanship
1.4 - In-game Aliases / Handles
1.5 – Team Captains
1.6 – Captain Absences or Changes
2 - Team Rosters & Locks
2.1 – Team Rosters
2.1.1 - Entry Fee Conditions
2.2 – Roster Locks
2.3 - Team Names
2.4 - Retaining Division Spots
2.4.1 - Dead Teams
2.4.2 - Relegation and Inject System
2.5 - Mutiny
3 - Player Responsibilities
3.1 - MOSS
3.2 - Payments
3.3 - Subscriptions
3.3.1 - Refunds
4 - Exploits
4.1 - Map & Shield Exploits
4.2 - Cheats / Hacking

Anti-Cheat Policy Amendments

The Rainbow Six: Siege ladder takes a different stance on bans due to vanilla LPL rules not including Battleye bans. Any user receiving a Battleye ban will receive a 12-month ban from the Rainbow Six: Siege ladder. A second offence will incur a permanent ban on the Rainbow Six: Siege ladder.

1 - Player Requirements

1.1 – Information

LPL users are required to forward accurate personal details to LPL Siege administrators if required. All personal information a user publishes on LPL must be accurate.

1.2 – Steam IDs

LPL requires all Siege users to have their singular Steam account (and thus steamID) linked or set to their LPL account. A user's steamID must be set before they are eligible to compete in any match. This can be done through your profile settings. You can retrieve your steamID by using this third-party website at your own risk:

You must correctly set your steamID or you will be ineligible to compete, this means that the number not the actual account name must be listed e.g. STEAM_0:0:12345678

1.3 – Sportsmanship

LPL users are required to uphold, observe and respect a reasonable level of sportsmanship. This level of sportsmanship is expected to be conducted prior to, during and after LPL matches and during the general use of LPL.

Unsportsmanlike conduct is not allowed. Sportsmanship does not only refer to the other team, general abuse or non compliance towards administrators, casters or spectators will count as unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Sportsmanship also translates to forums, excessive trolling of the LPL forums will result in bans and in extreme cases may result in match bans and forum access revoked. Sportsmanship also extends to the general use of casual and ranked games in Siege. This is also covered under Ubisoft's Code of Conduct which all players are bound by.

Consistently breaking this rule will result in a match ban.

1.3.1 – Age Requirements

Players must be 15 years of age at the point of sign ups.
For the Oceanic Challenger League division , players must be 18 years of age at the point of sign ups.

1.4 – In-game Aliases / Handles

LPL requires users to label themselves in LPL matches with an in-game alias similar or distinguishable enough to their LPL account username. Inappropriate in-game aliases will not be tolerated, including names which have racism, abuse, drug use / themes.

For users participating in an LPL official broadcast, in-game names must be consistent to what they would like to be referred to as during broadcast.

Consistently breaking this rule will result in a one week player match ban.

1.5 – Team Captains

LPL Siege teams must have at least one team captain elected. This user has complete control over their team (including the right to remove / add players from their team (presuming it doesn't conflict with a roster change rule)). The team captain has an obligation to the other members on the team to behave professionally and represent the team in a sportsmanlike manner. The team captain is responsible for his teams behaviour during LPL and is thus accountable for any outcomes thereof. The captain needs to ensure the correct score is entered or if a dispute is lodged.

1.6 – Captain Absences or Changes

If the elected LPL Siege team captain(s) is(are) absent, an acting captain must be selected, and they will inherent all the relevant responsibilities. Acting captains will be designated automatically to any users with the lieutenant status.

2 – Team Rosters & Locks

2.1 – Team Rosters

LPL requires all teams to have at least five players on their team roster. Users may not compete on behalf of a team which they are not on the roster of.

Failing to play a scheduled match without at least four users will be penalised with a forfeit or as the LPL Siege team deems necessary.

Players can not play in more than 1 team as a time.

Breaking this rule will result in a one week player match ban per offence.

2.1.1 - Entry Fee Conditions

Pro will all be using an entry fee model. This model means no subscription is needed but a team fee must be paid. Each team entry fee covers up to 5 core players and 3 substitutes. You will not be allowed to make any other changes after all players are set.

Entry fee covers:
5 core players (No subscription needed)
3 substitutes (No subscription needed)

2.1.2- Substitutes

Each team is allowed up to 3 substitutes on their roster.

Pro LPL substitutes will not need to pay a subscription fee as all teams will have paid an entry fee. This does not apply for Amateur, if you are playing under an amateur team you will need to have an active subscription.

A second rehost may be called if the first RH didn't resolve the issue, ONLY to sub the member that is having said issue.
This Substitute must be on the roster before the match had started.
If this substitute is used, they must have an active subscription within 24 hours of the game concluding.

2.2 – Roster Locks

Roster locks will be enforced for the season, only during unlock periods will users be able to join a LPL team. Users will not be able to be added in the two weeks before the commencement of finals, without strict admin permission.

2.3 – Team Names

LPL team names containing any of the following will not be tolerated: profanity, racism, sexism, drug use, silly or too big in size. Refusing to change a team name or repeat use of an inappropriate name will result in punishment. LPL teams may not use the name of a team in which is not theirs (as interpreted by LPL).

Consistently breaking this rule will result in a team removal from the competition.

2.4 - Retaining Division Spots

If you would like to retain your division spot for the next season, you will need to have 3 out of your core 5 players from the previous season. Failure to do so will automatically forfeit your spot within the division. This applies for all divisions.

2.4.1 - Dead Teams

In the result of a team dropping from the league (commonly known as dying), all previous matches played will be removed from the division. The core users in a team which dies will receive punishment including a ban from that season. Foregoing continuation in LPL (LPL) leagues while matches are still in progress will also result in no refunds given. Players who leave the team may be excluded from punishment if the team is still eligible to continue through roster changes. This only applies to players before the team drops from the league.

Breaking this rule will result in a season ban for every player in the team, the ban will finish at the end of the following season. However, players may appeal to end this ban early if they feel it was unjust through the LPL Support system.

2.4.2 - Relegations and Inject System

During Relegations (prior to a Season start), teams may be eligible to sign up as an Inject team to participate in Relegations. Inject teams will only be pushed into Relegations if teams in the respective Division has died (See Section 2.4.1).

To qualify as an Inject, teams will need at least 3 players who have previously played in the respective Division within the last 2 LPL seasons or have played in other official major tournament leagues (at the sole discretion of LPL Admins). Please note that LPL Admins may ask for player credentials. If no teams meet the requirement, an Open Qualifiers will be held or a team from the Division below will be brought up (at the sole discretion of LPL Admins).

2.5 - Mutiny

Mutiny clause only applies to those that are NOT affiliated with an organisation.

LPL R6 users have the right to remove their captain if the majority of the team agree.
Players can request to have the captain removed at any time. Over sixty percent (60%) of the roster (roster must meet minimum player requirement to be eligible for mutiny) must submit this request in writing before any action will be taken by LPL (please refer to section 1). All requests must be sent to a senior LPL R6 administrator and must contain the following information. For paid leagues the 60% includes listed core members only, for the open ladder all members will be able to submit a request.

Team name (with link):
Name of Captain (to be removed) (with link):
Name of new Captain (with link):
Name of yourself and your alias (with link):
Detailed reasons for the mutiny

For teams that have signed a team participation contract, once the team captain has been removed, a new team captain must be nominated immediately and sign the team participation contract. The team participation contract signed by the former team captain will then be made void.
3 – Player Responsibilities

3.1 – MOSS

All players must be running MOSS in every LPL match they play in. MOSS files are to be kept for at least 90 days from the time of the match.
MOSS files will be forwarded to a LPL admin if requested. Failure to provide your MOSS file, or if your file has corrupted in any section, will result in penalties.

Individual Penalties:

1st Strike: Official warning
2nd Strike: Match forfeit
3rd Strike: 1 week match ban
4th Strike: Season-long ban
5th Strike: 6 month ban

In the case where two or more members of a team cannot produce their complete MOSS files, the following penalties will be applied:

Team Penalties:

1st Strike: Match forfeit
2nd Strike: 1 week match ban
3rd Strike: 1 month match ban
4th Strike: Team removal from the ladder for the rest of the season

The use of MOSS is purely the player's responsibility. You are to check if MOSS is working correctly before you play a match. If there are major compatibility issues, contact a ladder admin immediately. In the event of a wide-spread issue with MOSS, a thread will be made on how to proceed.

Dropping out of paid leagues:

If a team drops out of a paying league (Amateur, Challenger) mid season, they will receive a punishment for the effect they’ve had on other paying teams. This will be in the form of a global match ban for the rest of the season, and a ban from the players previous division and above for the following season. For example, if a team drops out of Amateur, they’ll be unable to play for the remainder of that season, and will only be able to play Open division the following season.

3.2 - Payments

Leagues which require payments must be made by the date specified by the administration team.

Failure to do so will result in removal from the competition.

3.3 - Subscription
1. It is the responsibility of the participating players, and no one else, to ensure to the absolute best of their ability that the correct players are currently holding the correct LPL Subscriptions, well in ADVANCE of their match time.
2. LPL Subscriptions belong to a single LPL user, and are non-transferrable.
3. If a player does not have a subscription and they are playing in a match which requires it, they will immediately forfeit the match (or it will be overturned if it was discovered post match).

3.3.1 - Refunds
If for any reason your team no longer wishes to compete in a paid league or you have been denied entry to a paid league, you are eligible for a refund so long as you have not played any matches yet. If a player is banned after the season starts you are not eligible for a refund.

Once a match has been played, no refunds will be given.
4 – Exploits

4.1 – Map & Shield Exploits

Map exploits include but are not limited to; accessing areas otherwise inaccessible by means of using a shield to 'jump' over/onto/into, using any sort of method that was not intended by the developers.

It is an illegal move to use a shield to boost yourself up onto any area of the map that would otherwise be inaccessible, to block a doorway or a window, to restrict the movements of the opposing team in any way. Placing a shield in a doorway that does not block the opposing team from vaulting over is a legal move.

It is illegal to use 'one way texture' exploits that allow you to see through a wall/floor/window/etc that cannot be seen through on the other side.

It is also illegal to use a prone player to access areas otherwise inaccessible.

Finally, it is also illegal to use the "Mira Shield Boost" that allows players to vault over Mira to access areas otherwise inaccessible.

Breaking of this rule will automatically forfeit the round for the offending team. Consistently breaking of this rule can and will result in match forfeiture and LPL account penalties including but not limited to; match bans, ladder bans, forum bans.

4.2 – Cheats / Hacking

Anyone found cheating and/or hacking will be dealt with under the Rainbow Six: Siege anti-cheat policy.

Lobby Creation
The challenging team is responsible for creating the lobby.
The challenging team may chose the side they wish to play on.
All matches must be on a dedicated server (SEAS only for Asia).
Maps to be used are listed, All operators can be used unless stated otherwise by an admin.

1. Chalet
2. Oregon
3. Club House
4. Coastline
5. Bank
6. Kafe
7. Villa

Team Size: 5
Maps: Bo1 (except Finals which are a Bo3)
Time of the Day: Day
HUD Settings: Pro League

Match Settings
Number of Bans: 4
Ban Timer: 20
Number of Rounds: 12
Attacker/Defender role swap: 6
Overtime: 3 Rounds
Overtime score difference: 2
Overtime role change: 1
Objective Rotation Parameter: 2
Objective Type Rotation: Rounds Played
Attacker Unique Spawn: On
6TH Pick Phase: On
6TH Pick Phase Timer: 15
Pick Phase Timer: 15
Damage handicap: 100
Friendly fire damage: 100
Injured: 20
Sprint: On
Lean: On
Death Replay: Off

Game Mode: TDM - Bomb

Game Mode Settings
Plant duration: 7
Defuse duration: 7
Fuse time: 45
Defuser Carrier Selection: On
Preparation: 45
Action: 180

  • Unsportsmanlike behaviour will be dealt with at the discretion of a ladder administrator.
  • Abusive behaviour in-game and on the site will be dealt with at the discretion of a ladder administrator.
  • Making false/useless disputes will be dealt with at the discretion of a ladder administrator.
  • Disputes without evidence will be noted but further action is unlikely to occur.

  • Only referees and/or casters approved by LPL Rainbow Six Admins may spectate matches.
  • LPL Rainbow 6 Admins may spectate any game they wish.

A player is an ELIGIBLE PLAYER to play in a team's ladder match if they satisfy ALL of the following:
  • The player's LPL account is listed on the team's LPL roster (found in your LPL team page).
  • The player's LPL account is not listed as "Not Eligible".
  • The player's LPL account needs to have been added to the team roster BEFORE the match page has been created (Players added after the match has been created will appear as "Not eligible" on your team page).
  • Not be facing any match suspension/bans.

  • The rules may be changed / altered or corrected at any time. In such situations a forum post will be made to update the players of the rule change.
  • LPL R6 admins have the final say on all rulings, and at times may be out side of the written rules.

  • All players on the Ladder must follow the Code of Conduct that has been set by Ubisoft.
  • All rules that are seen in the Code of Conduct will apply here at LPL.
  • The "Disciplinary Policy" will be used by LPL to counter, Cheating / Modding / Hacking, Harassing or serious bullying and Offensive Language or Behaviour / Threats.
  • Please respect the Code of Conduct: Found here

Match Start Time
  • A team will have an extra fifteen minutes past the starting time to get the minimum four required users into the match server. The Live on Three must commence within fifteen minutes of the match starting time. Any further time to get the minimum of four players will be granted solely at the discretion of the team with the required four or more players and a LPL match official. Failure to start a match within fifteen minutes of the designated time may result in consequences. As such, it is recommended that you join the server at least ten minutes before your match time. If the server is not up ten minutes prior you must notify a LPL R6 administrator.
  • Breaking this rule will result in a match reversal.

Minimum users / No Show / Forfeit and Default / Lateness Penalties
  • LPL R6 teams must have a minimum of four eligible users in the server at the designated time of your match. If not, then the team who does not have 4 or more players will forfeit the match/es. In the event of a No Show / Forfeit, teams are required to provide sufficient proof (screenshot of empty server).
  • League matches must be entered as one / zero wins against the forfeiting team.
  • Teams involved in an LPL broadcast ( are not permitted to forfeit. It is the team captain's/org's responsibility to provide substitutes when players are unable to play.
  • If a team participating in an LPL broadcast is not ready to play 20 minutes after their schedule match start time, they will be defaulted. If both teams (in a single match) participating in an LPL broadcast are not ready to play 20 minutes after their scheduled match start time, the match will be deemed completed and the winner of Map 1 and the winner of Map 2 will be determined (individually) via Coin Flip in the respective match channel in the LPL Community Discord.
  • If teams participating in an LPL broadcast defaults twice within an single LPL season, they will lose 2 points. Subsequent defaults will result in loss of 2 points.
  • If a team participating in an LPL broadcast are less than 15 minutes late after their scheduled match start time, the team will lose their option to attack/defend on the map they get to choose and the other team will be able to select.
  • If a team participating in an LPL broadcast are more than 15 minutes late after their scheduled match start time, the team loses random overtime and the other team will be able to select attack/defend for overtime.

Match Score
  • At least one player from each team must screenshot the final scoreboard in case of any score disputes.

Server and player crashes

Server Setup
  • All LPL sanctioned matches must be played on a dedicated server. Any scores or details of a match played outside the jurisdiction of LPL are void to LPL. The match settings can be found above.

Server crashes
  • In the event that the server crashes while the game is live, If the game is within the first 1 round the game is then relived, resetting the scores back to 0-0. In the event that the server crashes when 3 or more rounds have been played out, the score resumes from the round the server crashed.

Player dropouts
  • In the event that a player times out/crashes, the game may be paused by either team during the next freeze time (THE GAME MUST NOT BE PAUSED MID-ROUND).

Server Problems
  • Should an issue arise regarding widespread connection problems to the server (e.g. lag) and a LPL R6 administrator acknowledges this, then the match may be paused, cancelled, rescheduled or continued. If there is no referee in-game then both teams must agree that there are widespread connection problems (screenshot agreement), and both captains must agree to dispute the match. If an admin is present or called to the match, they have the right to restart the match provided it was within the first four rounds of play or if outside the first four rounds, reload the round when the issue occurred if they believe the problem has had a significant impact on the outcome of the game.
  • LPL requests that users attempt to play out their game for as long as possible before the widespread connection problems affect the game - if the problems persist, then file a dispute as stated.
  • If both teams do not agree that there are widespread connection issue at play, then the match is to played out and teams may dispute post-match. The LPL administration team will review all relevant evidence to determine whether or not there was significant widespread connection issues. Rescheduling of matches will be done so through the communication of both team captains in regards to their availability - matches for leagues must be played as soon as possible.

  • Each team is allowed 1 rehost per match (If this doesn't resolve the issue refer to 2.1.2.). A rehost can be called within the first 15 seconds of the action phase of a round, or before first contact (Gun fight between both teams), resulting in a rehost of that round. In the event of such a rehost, the same sites, operator picks, and 6th picks must be used by both teams.
  • If a rehost is called after this point, the round must be played till completion before rehosting.

Ping Limits
  • For Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) league(s), the majority of each team must be under 100ms ping and located in Australia or New Zealand only.
  • For Asia league(s), the majority of each team must be under 120ms ping and be located within Asia only.
  • Any player with an average ping higher than 150ms for at least 2 minutes may be asked to leave at the end of the round. Please note that this 2 minutes may carry over between rounds.

  • The final and most important rule, use common sense & have fun. If you have any questions or concerns then don't hesitate to contact one of the members from the Admin team.

Flores iscurrently under quarantine and can NOT be used in any matches.


The following uniform and headgear cosmetics are whitelisted for use in tournaments:
  • Pilot Program 1 & 2 team skins
  • Pro League Gold Sets
  • Default Skins
  • Future Phase 3 Esport Skins

All other uniforms and headgear are banned from competitive play. There are no restrictions on weapon skins or charms.

If a player is found using banned cosmetics, they will have to be team killed, or face a round forfeit. Repeated use of these will result in further punishment.

R6: Tournament Rules

Specific Tournament Rules

Tournament General Rules