COMPLETED - 13 months ago

PC: PC: 2022 VALORANT Oceania Tour - Stage 1 Open Qualifiers - RESET

Prize Pool:



5v5: Single Elimination

Start Date:

13 months ago

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Tournament Matches - MAIN BRACKET

HONEY BADGERS vs Crimas DisciplesMAP TBAHONEY BADGERS won!76:00pm 16/1/22
HONEY BADGERS vs BonkersMAP TBAHONEY BADGERS won!63:30pm 15/1/22
Crimas Disciples vs MEOW MEOWMAP TBACrimas Disciples won!63:30pm 15/1/22
Crimas Disciples vs HEHEMAP TBACrimas Disciples won!56:30pm 14/1/22
Bonkers vs funcrewMAP TBABonkers won!56:30pm 14/1/22
MEOW MEOW vs IconicMAP TBAMEOW MEOW won!56:30pm 14/1/22
ex-Wildcard vs HONEY BADGERSMAP TBAHONEY BADGERS won!56:30pm 14/1/22
Taiyo eSports vs funcrewMAP TBAfuncrew won!49:16pm 13/1/22
Crimas Disciples vs east laMAP TBACrimas Disciples won!49:02pm 13/1/22
MEOW MEOW vs McTeamMAP TBAMEOW MEOW won!48:58pm 13/1/22
Bonkers vs KRAKEN ESCMAP TBABonkers won!48:34pm 13/1/22
Menace 2 Society vs HONEY BADGERSMAP TBAHONEY BADGERS won!48:30pm 13/1/22
Naked with Attitude vs IconicMAP TBAIconic won!48:30pm 13/1/22
Hectic Habibs vs HEHEMAP TBAHEHE won!48:16pm 13/1/22
ex-Wildcard vs 95xMAP TBAex-Wildcard won!48:30pm 13/1/22
WithYouWithMe vs Naked with AttitudeMAP TBANaked with Attitude won!36:30pm 13/1/22
Sh0panFanClub vs Menace 2 SocietyMAP TBAMenace 2 Society won!36:30pm 13/1/22
SamPhamFanClub vs funcrewMAP TBAfuncrew won!36:30pm 13/1/22
Team VLG vs McTeamMAP TBAMcTeam won!36:30pm 13/1/22
HONEY BADGERS vs HAI EsportsMAP TBAHONEY BADGERS won!36:30pm 13/1/22
HEHE vs Social LeagueMAP TBAHEHE won!36:30pm 13/1/22
Crimas Disciples vs ExitMAP TBACrimas Disciples won!36:30pm 13/1/22
Volant eSports vs Taiyo eSportsMAP TBATaiyo eSports won!36:30pm 13/1/22
MEOW MEOW vs Wizard 101MAP TBAMEOW MEOW won!36:30pm 13/1/22
east la vs SenjuMAP TBAeast la won!36:30pm 13/1/22
ex-Wildcard vs Civilized Bear ClubMAP TBAex-Wildcard won!36:30pm 13/1/22
Rice Cracker vs IconicMAP TBAIconic won!36:30pm 13/1/22
Hectic Habibs vs CoinflipMAP TBAHectic Habibs won!36:30pm 13/1/22
Tricky Ricky vs KRAKEN ESCMAP TBAKRAKEN ESC won!36:30pm 13/1/22
Bonkers vs DaycareMAP TBABonkers won!36:30pm 13/1/22
MHM10 vs 95xMAP TBA95x won!36:30pm 13/1/22
WithYouWithMe vs Sylyx EsportsMAP TBAWithYouWithMe won!29:50pm 12/1/22
Afterschool Club vs Wizard 101MAP TBAWizard 101 won!28:50pm 12/1/22
Dead Game Esports vs Volant eSportsMAP TBAVolant eSports won!28:44pm 12/1/22
east la vs VIVID ObsidianMAP TBAeast la won!28:38pm 12/1/22
Rice Cracker vs HubearsMAP TBARice Cracker won!28:34pm 12/1/22
HEHE vs Ferrari PeekersMAP TBAHEHE won!28:34pm 12/1/22
Daycare vs Over-ConMAP TBADaycare won!28:30pm 12/1/22
HONEY BADGERS vs Filipino Lives MatterMAP TBAHONEY BADGERS won!28:30pm 12/1/22
Taiyo eSports vs VantageMAP TBATaiyo eSports won!28:30pm 12/1/22
Team VLG vs Sausage PartyMAP TBATeam VLG won!28:30pm 12/1/22
ex-Wildcard vs rupingleMAP TBAex-Wildcard won!28:30pm 12/1/22
Crimas Disciples vs Dragon Ball ZMAP TBACrimas Disciples won!28:12pm 12/1/22
HAI Esports vs Altered EdgeMAP TBAHAI Esports won!28:30pm 12/1/22
95x vs NYX KnightsMAP TBA95x won!28:30pm 12/1/22
MEOW MEOW vs Vanguard GamingMAP TBAMEOW MEOW won!28:30pm 12/1/22
Tricky Ricky vs Team FIERCEMAP TBATricky Ricky won!28:30pm 12/1/22
Coinflip vs Hollow CrownMAP TBACoinflip won!28:30pm 12/1/22
MHM10 vs Sylyx EsportsMAP TBAMHM10 won!28:30pm 12/1/22
Senju vs BLDMMAP TBASenju won!28:30pm 12/1/22
Crackers vs ExitMAP TBAExit won!28:30pm 12/1/22
Vanilla Latte vs Menace 2 SocietyMAP TBAMenace 2 Society won!28:30pm 12/1/22
Revival Esports vs SamPhamFanClubMAP TBASamPhamFanClub won!28:30pm 12/1/22
Parallax vs Sh0panFanClubMAP TBASh0panFanClub won!28:30pm 12/1/22
Bonkers vs Team Kick ItMAP TBABonkers won!28:30pm 12/1/22
Fuego vs KRAKEN ESCMAP TBAKRAKEN ESC won!28:30pm 12/1/22
Salt n Pepper vs funcrewMAP TBAfuncrew won!28:30pm 12/1/22
m1kes sober vs Naked with AttitudeMAP TBANaked with Attitude won!28:30pm 12/1/22
Friends of TenZ vs McTeamMAP TBAMcTeam won!28:30pm 12/1/22
21 Stars vs Social LeagueMAP TBASocial League won!28:30pm 12/1/22
Hectic Habibs vs ReignMAP TBAHectic Habibs won!28:30pm 12/1/22
bzmdiff vs Civilized Bear ClubMAP TBACivilized Bear Club won!28:30pm 12/1/22
SinS vs IconicMAP TBAIconic won!26:48pm 12/1/22
Avery vs SinSMAP TBASinS won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Hubears vs Kingdoms arising herosMAP TBAHubears won!16:30pm 12/1/22
arkenownssmoil vs Rice CrackerMAP TBARice Cracker won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Haise vs Naked with AttitudeMAP TBANaked with Attitude won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Revive Gaming Red vs Sylyx EsportsMAP TBASylyx Esports won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Friends of TenZ vs PEAKMAP TBAFriends of TenZ won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Pokimane Simps vs Sausage PartyMAP TBASausage Party won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Decend vs Team VLGMAP TBATeam VLG won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Wizard 101 vs No AnimeMAP TBAWizard 101 won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Lunatic vs Afterschool ClubMAP TBAAfterschool Club won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Vanguard Gaming vs CentennialsMAP TBAVanguard Gaming won!16:30pm 12/1/22
21 Stars vs island boysMAP TBA21 Stars won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Ferrari Peekers vs Loser QueueMAP TBAFerrari Peekers won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Pink Pandas vs HEHEMAP TBAHEHE won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Reticle vs Hollow CrownMAP TBAHollow Crown won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Coinflip vs Turtle BreachMAP TBACoinflip won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Civilized Bear Club vs ReignMAP TBAReign won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Ultra Violet vs SenjuMAP TBASenju won!16:30pm 12/1/22
east la vs Vally GirlzMAP TBAeast la won!16:30pm 12/1/22
White Rice vs ExitMAP TBAExit won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Crackers vs CHAHOOMAP TBACrackers won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Dragon Ball Z vs SGN PandaMAP TBADragon Ball Z won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Salt n Pepper vs Nicotine AimersMAP TBASalt n Pepper won!16:30pm 12/1/22
sinoda sugs vs SamPhamFanClubMAP TBASamPhamFanClub won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Revival Esports vs EpiphanyMAP TBARevival Esports won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Empyreal Esports vs VantageMAP TBAVantage won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Volant eSports vs LoliLovers246MAP TBAVolant eSports won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Fuego vs peenixMAP TBAFuego won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Team FIERCE vs King of the NorthMAP TBATeam FIERCE won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Polarity vs Tricky RickyMAP TBATricky Ricky won!16:30pm 12/1/22
1620 Kings vs Over-ConMAP TBAOver-Con won!16:30pm 12/1/22
slippery geckos vs DaycareMAP TBADaycare won!16:30pm 12/1/22
thinkers not fraggers vs Team Kick ItMAP TBATeam Kick It won!16:30pm 12/1/22
HAI Esports vs Kingsmen ValorantMAP TBAHAI Esports won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Filipino Lives Matter vs loweloMAP TBAFilipino Lives Matter won!16:30pm 12/1/22
HONEY BADGERS vs xue hua piao piaoMAP TBAHONEY BADGERS won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Menace 2 Society vs DaBossBabyGamingMAP TBAMenace 2 Society won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Vanilla Latte vs Enlighten EsportsMAP TBAVanilla Latte won!16:30pm 12/1/22
T0pHat vs Sh0panFanClubMAP TBASh0panFanClub won!16:30pm 12/1/22
95x vs Western Sydney WyvernsMAP TBA95x won!16:30pm 12/1/22
MHM10 vs Beenleigh BallersMAP TBAMHM10 won!16:30pm 12/1/22
Vital vs Civilized Bear ClubMAP TBACivilized Bear Club won!16:30pm 12/1/22
bzmdiff vs VOLTAGEMAP TBAbzmdiff won!16:30pm 12/1/22
rupingle vs Team KeresMAP TBArupingle won!16:30pm 12/1/22

Tournament Matches - UNKNOWN BRACKET

Bonkers vs MEOW MEOWMAP TBAMEOW MEOW won!For 3rd4:00pm 16/1/22
108 matches completed. 0 matches scheduled. In the next 12 hours there are 0 matches scheduled