COMPLETED - 6 months ago


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5v5: Single Elimination

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6 months ago

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Tournament Matches - MAIN BRACKET

Mindfreak vs BOBOMAP TBABOBO won!73:30pm 17/4/22
BOBO vs Honey BadgersMAP TBABOBO won!63:30pm 16/4/22
Mindfreak vs CatgirlsMAP TBAMindfreak won!63:30pm 16/4/22
Mindfreak vs WithYouWithMeMAP TBAMindfreak won!56:30pm 15/4/22
BONKERS vs CatgirlsMAP TBACatgirls won!56:43pm 15/4/22
Iconic vs Honey BadgersMAP TBAHoney Badgers won!56:30pm 15/4/22
BOBO vs FuncrewMAP TBABOBO won!56:30pm 15/4/22
SamPhamFanClub vs CatgirlsMAP TBACatgirls won!49:20pm 14/4/22
Mindfreak vs Salt n PepperMAP TBAMindfreak won!49:14pm 14/4/22
BONKERS vs GSL.MAP TBABONKERS won!48:35pm 14/4/22
Polarity vs Honey BadgersMAP TBAHoney Badgers won!48:14pm 14/4/22
Iconic vs Gungahlin WarriorsMAP TBAIconic won!48:06pm 14/4/22
BOBO vs TridentMAP TBABOBO won!48:24pm 14/4/22
East LA vs WithYouWithMeMAP TBAWithYouWithMe won!48:02pm 14/4/22
KRAKEN vs FuncrewMAP TBAFuncrew won!47:44pm 14/4/22
Bravo eSports vs WithYouWithMeMAP TBAWithYouWithMe won!36:30pm 14/4/22
McTeam vs FuncrewMAP TBAFuncrew won!36:30pm 14/4/22
Salt n Pepper vs Pink PandasMAP TBASalt n Pepper won!36:30pm 14/4/22
SamPhamFanClub vs Vivid ObsidianMAP TBASamPhamFanClub won!36:30pm 14/4/22
VANTAGE vs TridentMAP TBATrident won!36:30pm 14/4/22
Valkyrie Esports vs CatgirlsMAP TBACatgirls won!36:30pm 14/4/22
Iconic vs FinalityMAP TBAIconic won!36:30pm 14/4/22
BONKERS vs GLORYMAP TBABONKERS won!36:30pm 14/4/22
ddakdae vs Honey BadgersMAP TBAHoney Badgers won!36:30pm 14/4/22
JFTesp vs PolarityMAP TBAPolarity won!36:30pm 14/4/22
Mindfreak vs Crashs KittensMAP TBAMindfreak won!36:30pm 14/4/22
POTENT vs Gungahlin WarriorsMAP TBAGungahlin Warriors won!36:30pm 14/4/22
RICE CRACKER vs GSL.MAP TBAGSL. won!36:30pm 14/4/22
BOBO vs Motivational LizardsMAP TBABOBO won!36:30pm 14/4/22
East LA vs 1620 Kings AcademyMAP TBAEast LA won!36:30pm 14/4/22
KRAKEN vs Taiyo eSportsMAP TBAKRAKEN won!36:30pm 14/4/22
Coinflip vs CatgirlsMAP TBACatgirls won!28:48pm 13/4/22
BONKERS vs Nine LivesMAP TBABONKERS won!28:36pm 13/4/22
Mighty Ducks vs WithYouWithMeMAP TBAWithYouWithMe won!28:36pm 13/4/22
K2 Esports vs FuncrewMAP TBAFuncrew won!28:24pm 13/4/22
BOBO vs KRAKEN BLACKMAP TBABOBO won!28:17pm 13/4/22
Mindfreak vs Altered EdgeMAP TBAMindfreak won!27:48pm 13/4/22
Nut-E Gaming ACADEMY vs Honey BadgersMAP TBAHoney Badgers won!28:30pm 13/4/22
Iconic vs After HoursMAP TBAIconic won!28:30pm 13/4/22
East LA vs Team KleosMAP TBAEast LA won!27:30pm 13/4/22
Kingsmen vs ddakdaeMAP TBAddakdae won!28:30pm 13/4/22
Polarity vs Team AddictsMAP TBAPolarity won!28:30pm 13/4/22
JFTesp vs Timeless GamingMAP TBAJFTesp won!28:30pm 13/4/22
The Ark vs Gungahlin WarriorsMAP TBAGungahlin Warriors won!28:30pm 13/4/22
League Players vs POTENTMAP TBAPOTENT won!28:30pm 13/4/22
Certified Boy Lovers vs FinalityMAP TBAFinality won!28:30pm 13/4/22
Fat Kids vs McTeamMAP TBAMcTeam won!28:30pm 13/4/22
Bumba EC vs Taiyo eSportsMAP TBATaiyo eSports won!28:30pm 13/4/22
KRAKEN vs Synful eSportsMAP TBAKRAKEN won!28:30pm 13/4/22
Hollow Crown vs TridentMAP TBATrident won!28:30pm 13/4/22
VANTAGE vs ReignMAP TBAVANTAGE won!28:30pm 13/4/22
Leviathans vs Motivational LizardsMAP TBAMotivational Lizards won!28:30pm 13/4/22
Valkyrie Esports vs Friendship is magicMAP TBAValkyrie Esports won!28:30pm 13/4/22
Vivid Obsidian vs Filipino Lives MatterMAP TBAVivid Obsidian won!28:30pm 13/4/22
SamPhamFanClub vs Main Character SyndromeMAP TBASamPhamFanClub won!28:30pm 13/4/22
LUNAR vs GSL.MAP TBAGSL. won!26:00pm 13/4/22
UoN Esports Club vs RICE CRACKERMAP TBARICE CRACKER won!28:30pm 13/4/22
Fear vs Bravo eSportsMAP TBABravo eSports won!28:30pm 13/4/22
Team Kick IT vs 1620 Kings AcademyMAP TBA1620 Kings Academy won!27:30pm 13/4/22
MONKEYS vs Pink PandasMAP TBAPink Pandas won!27:30pm 13/4/22
Mob Frogs vs Salt n PepperMAP TBASalt n Pepper won!28:30pm 13/4/22
Overtime Kings vs Crashs KittensMAP TBACrashs Kittens won!28:30pm 13/4/22
ISLAND BOYS vs Nut-E Gaming ACADEMYMAP TBANut-E Gaming ACADEMY won!16:30pm 13/4/22
After Hours vs SpadesMAP TBAAfter Hours won!16:30pm 13/4/22
The Best We Could Do vs K2 EsportsMAP TBAK2 Esports won!16:30pm 13/4/22
Sinister Gaming Krew vs KRAKEN BLACKMAP TBAKRAKEN BLACK won!16:30pm 13/4/22
Coinflip vs downies unitedMAP TBACoinflip won!16:30pm 13/4/22
Gamers gaming vs Nine LivesMAP TBANine Lives won!16:30pm 13/4/22
Mighty Ducks vs Team 7MAP TBAMighty Ducks won!16:30pm 13/4/22
Team Kleos vs aqariumMAP TBATeam Kleos won!14:00pm 13/4/22
show no fear vs Altered EdgeMAP TBAAltered Edge won!16:30pm 13/4/22

Tournament Matches - UNKNOWN BRACKET

Catgirls vs Honey BadgersMAP TBACatgirls won!For 3rd3:30pm 17/4/22
73 matches completed. 0 matches scheduled. In the next 12 hours there are 0 matches scheduled