Welcome to VALORANT Challengers Oceania 2024

We’re excited to be kicking off another epic year of VALORANT in Oceania with VALORANT Champions Tour Oceania 2024 (VCT OCE 2024) - the official pathway for Oceania to VALORANT Ascension 2024!

Following on from 4 consecutive years of successful partnership with Riot Games, LPL is excited to deliver VALORANT Challengers Oceania 2024 to the community. VCT OCE 2024 marks our second year of hosting the highly-anticipated Challengers Oceania series, expanded to be bigger than ever before. In 2023, the group stages consisted of 8 teams each. In 2024, the number of teams has doubled to 16, allowing more teams the chance to compete! All Group Stages are available for community casting; with Stage Playoffs broadcast on official LPL channels.

In addition, this year will see the first integration of the Premier rank system recently introduced by Riot Games.

Prize Pool Per Stage

$20,000 USD

1st Per Stage

$6,000 USD

2nd Per Stage

$4,000 USD

3rd Per Stage

$3,000 USD

4th Per Stage

$2,000 USD

5th Per Stage

$1,500 USD

6th Per Stage

$1,500 USD

7th Per Stage

$1,000 USD

8th Per Stage

$1,000 USD
Stage 2 Winner earns a pathway to

VALORANT Ascension 2024

Player Eligibility

When players are constructing their teams, please be aware of the player eligibilty rules:

  • All players must be age 16 or above from their first date of play.
  • All player rosters must consist of five players. Up to two additional substitutes.
  • All players must sign player agreements prior to participation found in overview page when registering to Stage 1 Open Qualifiers.

Tournament Format

Mon 4 March – Tue 12 March

Stage 1 Open Qualifiers

Stage 1 Open Qualifiers will be a Double Elimination, Bo3 played across two weeks. Top 14 teams qualify to Stage 1 Group Stage.

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Mon 25 March – Sun 31 March

Stage 1 Group Stage

Stage 1 Group Stage will be a GSL Swiss Round Robin, Bo3 played across 5 days. Top 8 teams to qualify into Stage 1 Playoffs. Bottom 8 teams to head to Stage 2 Relegations.

Wed 10 April – Thu 2 May

Stage 1 Playoffs

Stage 1 Playoffs will be a Double Elimination, Bo3 (Bo5 GF w/ winner bracket veto advantage, no bracket reset). All teams to qualify to Stage 2 Group Stage.

Sat 4 May – Fri 17 May

Stage 2 Relegations

Stage 2 Relegations will be a Double Elimination, Bo3. Bottom 8 teams from Stage 1 Group Stage will verse the Top 8 teams [that meet player eligibility] from Premier. Top 8 teams to qualify to Sage 2 Group Stage.

Thu 6 June – Fri 14 June

Stage 2 Group Stage

Stage 2 Group Stage will be a GSL Swiss Round Robin, Bo3 played across 5 days. Top 8 teams to qualify into Stage 2.

Wed 26 June – Thu 11 July

Stage 2 Playoffs

Stage 2 Playoffs will be a Double Elimination, Bo3 (Bo5 GF w/ winner bracket veto advantage, no bracket reset). Winning team to qualify to VALORANT Ascensions, played in September 2024.


LPL will be delivering broadcasts throughout VALORANT Challengers Oceania 2024. Catch all the action live and on demand:


What are the rules for the tournament?What servers will the event be played on?

Open Qualifiers, Group Stage and Relegations will be played on LIVE server. Playoffs to be played on tournament realm, provided by Riot Games & LPL.

Will the event be live streamed?

Yes, there will be community casters! Community casters must reach out to hello@letsplay.live to seek approval.

What is the Stage 1 Open Qualifier registration period?

Stage 1 Open Qualifier registrations start 15 February 2024 at 12PM AET and close on 3 hours prior to the tournament start time.

What is the check-in process for Stage 1 Open Qualifiers?

There will be a check in process. Stage 1 open qualifiers check ins will begin 3 hours prior to the tournament start time.

Do I have to be in a team?

Yes, VCT OCE 2024 is a team-based tournament so you will need a team of 5 players to register.

Do I need an LPL Subscription to play?

No, this tournament is free to join and play provided all players in a team meet player eligibility rules.

I missed out qualifying for Stage 1! How do I try qualify for Stage 2?

To qualify for Stage 2, players & teams must qualify via Premier in VALORANT. Details around qualification time periods TBD, however players can expect Stage 2 Relegations to happen during May 2024.

Registrations for Open Qualifiers close Monday 4 March at 04:30 AM CUT.

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Connect with us

On behalf of the entire LPL Admin Team, we would like to wish everyone competing the best of luck! For any questions, please do not hesitate to ask by posting in the Discord server.

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