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Week 3, North Island Elite – NBA 2K18 1on1 NZ Championship

Posted by Amy Potter Aug 27, 2018 in NBA2K

The first of the final North Island elite match-ups this week was Jahkel “Notorious-God” Mita vs. Ifraaz “Tetsu” Ali. The first game of the series saw Notorious-God’s Golden State up against Tetsu’s Boston, and finished 34-29 to Notorious-God, who barely fell behind all game. Game two was Tetsu’s Golden State up against Notorious-God’s Cavaliers. After a strong first quarter showing from Notorious-God, the lead slipped out of his grasp at half time as Tetsu briefly pulled ahead 21-13 at halftime. Unfortunately Tetsu couldn’t hold on as Notorious-God made a strong comeback, finishing up the game 47-39 and delivering our first 2-0 of the tournament and advancing into the quarter finals.

The second series for the day saw Paul “Zirinic_” Cooper up against Shaakur “KingKur” Dryden-de Thierry. In game one, Zirinic came out strong with Golden State versus KingKur’s Boston. A strong showing from Zirinic had him up 21-26 at halftime and saw him hold on to that lead to a 40-31 win for the game. Game two saw KingKur come back blazing with Golden State against Zirinic’s Spurs, taking a nail-biting 43-42 win over Zirinic taking us to 1-1 for the series. In the game three showdown it was KingKur’s Cavaliers up against Zirinic’s Rockets, with a strong showing from Zirinic who managed to take the win 35-29 at fulltime and will now head into the quarter finals.

See you next week for the second and final round of South Island Elite matchups, LIVE Sunday 2:30pm NZT / 12:30pm AEST on Maori Television and twitch.tv/letsplaylive. Check out all the bracket information here.