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Week 4, South Island Elite – NBA 2K18 1on1 NZ Championship

Posted by Amy Potter Sep 03, 2018 in NBA2K

Match one of the last round of South Island match-ups this week was South Island 6th seed ‘Hendo’ with Golden State vs. 3rd seed ‘JD’ with the New Orleans Pelicans. JD came out strong in the first quarter, leading 20-11 at halftime and finishing up 40-31 at the end of game one. Game two saw JD set with Golden State and Hendo pick up the Houston Rockets. It was 29-22 at at the top of the 4th after a very tight game, but JD managed to continue his winning streak and end up 36-34 at full time taking a 2-0 sweep for the match.

Match two of the day lined up our South Island 2nd seed ‘GhettoClownFish’ against the 7th seed ‘TROPIC_Superstar.’ Game one lined up GhettoClownFish’s Cavaliers against a very strong first half showing by TROPIC_Superstar’s Warriors. Holding onto the lead, TROPIC_Superstar was still up 23-13 at half time, and continued on to pull out a very strong performance in the 3rd and finishing up with a comfortable 44-20 lead at the buzzer. Game two saw GhettoClownFish pick up Golden State Warriors against TROPIC_Superstar’s Boston Celtics. GhettoClownFish put in a very strong performance in the first half, up 19-8 at halftime. He continued the comeback to wind up 43-34 at full time taking it to 1-all for the match series! We headed into a Boston Celtics (GhettoClownFish) vs. Houston Rockets (TROPIC_Superstar) game three – where TROPIC_Superstar managed to bring it back and secure a 40-28 game win, taking the series 2-1.

See you next week for the North Island Finals, LIVE Sunday 2:30pm NZT / 12:30pm AEST on Maori Television and twitch.tv/letsplaylive. Check out all the bracket information here.