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Week 7, Conference Finals – NBA 2K18 1on1 NZ Championship

Posted by Amy Potter Sep 25, 2018 in NBA2K

Our highly anticipated NBA 2K18 Conference Finals took place last Sunday at LPL studios, bringing top-tier talent from both corners of the nation and nail-biting results!

The top 4 players in the LPL NBA 2K18 1on1 Championship, two from the North Island and two from the South Island, battled it out for the chance to represent their island in next week’s Ultimate Grand Final showcase. Switching up the tournament style going into the Conference Finals, quarters were extended to 4 minutes. This was a change from the tournament’s usual 3-minute quarters, adding extra pressure to players and forcing them to tweak their game play & strategies.

Match 1 of the day saw the North Island’s Te Shakor Paki vs. Notorious God. Paki, last year’s winner and reigning champion, was set to win the match with a clean score. However, Game 1 saw TSP play as the Cleveland Cavaliers and Notorious as the Golden State Warriors. An amazing defence from Notorious saw a surprising score of 34-22 to the underdog at half time, with big plays extending his lead 48-33 at the start of the 4th quarter. Ultimately Paki fell in the first game 60-46, shaking things up for viewers and the players.

Game 2 saw a 29-17 to Paki at half time playing as the GSW, whilst Notorious opted for the Boston Celtics. Great defensive plays helped Notorious keep the score gap small, but Paki remained in control with a 42-28 score by the end of the third quarter. Notorious put in a great effort but ultimately Paki sealed the game with a 58-47 – forcing the match into a tiebreaker third game.

Paki opted to play as the Houston Rockets in Game 3, with Notorious selecting the Cleveland Cavaliers. This crucial match would decide who would proceed to the Ultimate Grand Finals as the North Island champion. At half time, the score read 25-31 to Paki, but Notorious played well and pulled the gap back to a close 45-41 at the start of the fourth quarter. However it wasn’t enough, with Paki taking it out 55-49 at full time and proceeding on next week to defend his championship title.

Match 2 was a battle of the South Islanders, minnislug vs. Tropic_Superstar, to see who would face Te Shakor Paki next week. Game 1 saw minnislug opting for the Golden State Warriors, with Tropic picking the Cleveland Cavaliers. Minnislug’s pick proved useful by half time, with the score reading 17-21 to the GSW. However Tropic seized his opportunities in the third quarter to flip the scoreboard 30-29 in his favour by the start of the fourth quarter. After a close back-and-fourth game, minnislug snuck ahead to swipe the match win 42-40.

Game 2 had Tropic now opt to play as the GSW, with his opponent picking the Houston Rockets. The game proved intense, with a tight scoreboard the whole game after constant point-trading in the first two quarters. Half time looked to be in favour of Tropic, with a score of 17-20 in the GSW favour. However the last whistle blew at a score of 40-34 to minnislug, securing his victory and a chance to win the title next week.

Join us next week at the Ultimate Grand Finals as we see the Top 2 players from this weekend’s match battle it out to become the NBA 2K18 1on1 New Zealand Championship winner. Who will take home the title, $5,000 cash money, and win a trip to the USA to watch an NBA game live? Minnislug or Te Shakor Paki? Tune in next week on twitch.tv/letsplaylive to watch all the action!