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Week 8, Ultimate Grand Final North vs. South – NBA 2K18 1on1 NZ Championship

Posted by Amy Potter Oct 01, 2018 in NBA2K

A champion has been crowned!

The LPL PRO NBA 2K18 1on1 Championship Ultimate Grand Finals were held in Auckland’s very own Sky Tower at LPL Studios this past Sunday, showcasing New Zealand’s best NBA 2K players. A live viewing party saw Andy’s Burgers & Bar packed with esports fans & FLAVA listeners ready and waiting to see this year’s showdown.

Reigning champion Shakor “Te_Shakor_Paki” Paki from Wainuiomata went up against his South Island counterpart Te Awanui “minnislug” Waaka from Dunedin. With 5-minute quarters in a best-of-5 match, the stakes were high and the atmosphere intense.

Paki was in it to win it from the beginning, winning the coin toss and launching ahead with a strong start in Game 1. Playing as tournament-favourite Golden State Warriors against minnislug’s pick of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Paki was up 6-11 at the end of the first quarter thanks to his solid defence. Leading 26-15 at half time, the North Island native continued his winning streak to clutch the game 68-42 by full time.

Game 2 saw minnislug strategically pick the GSW, whilst Paki opted for the Houston Rockets. Despite these picks Paki continued to shine, up 17-26 by half time. Minnislug inched forward and closed the scoreboard gap 36-32 by the start of the fourth quarter, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to keep Paki’s championship-winning skillset at bay. Paki took out Game 2 with a score of 69-57, meaning he only needed one more win to seal his tournament victory.

Feeling the heat, minnislug took the first quarter of Game 3 16-15 playing as the Boston Celtics. Paki, playing as the Houston Rockets, quickly ended minnislug’s lead and took half time 54-36 thanks to some excellent defence and smart use of player substitutions. By full time it was clear that the NBA 2K18 tournament would see last year’s champion crowned once again as Paki took the match 48-69 and sealed his victory.

Paki earned $5000 in prize money and a trip to the USA with tickets to an NBA match thanks to 2K ANZ. Minnislug wins $3000 and a NZ Breakers Experience thanks to SKYCITY.