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Clash Royale APAC Tour

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Supercell - game publisher of several successful mobile games - were looking to engage with their player base in the Asia-Pacific region through esports tournaments and broadcasts. LetsPlay.Live (LPL) had an established relationship with Supercell and a history of delivering mobile esports tournaments and global broadcasts.


After several successful deliveries of regional ANZ Clash Royale mobile esports tournaments and broadcasts in 2022, Supercell reached out to LPL with the opportunity to deliver one of the biggest Clash Royale events in the Asia-Pacific region - the LPL Clash Royale Asia-Pacific Tour 2023.


LPL engaged with four territories; Oceania, Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan. Working with Supercell’s JP & KR community managers, we were able to produce localised promotion and broadcast content throughout the entire event. The tournament included two divisions of play - Open and Pro Division - with a prize pool of $27,500 AUD.

Supercell promoted the tournament and broadcast on their regional social media pages and in-app messaging, tailoring information to display in user languages (English, Korean and Japanese).

The tournament’s open qualifiers were hosted on LPL’s platform with a custom-built server, and the broadcasts were delivered in English, Korean and Japanese on LPL’s various Twitch channels.


LPL championed the Asia-Pacific esports region and produced a wildly successful event, garnering new Clash Royale players & fans across the globe.

Over 830 players across four regions and twelve countries registered to compete in our Open Qualifiers, with over 1400 esports matches played throughout the tournament.

12 unique broadcasts across 3 languages were produced for the finals bracket, bringing in over 35,000 unique viewers across the globe.

LPL & Supercell successfully laid the foundations for the future of Clash Royale mobile esports in the Asia-Pacific region, becoming a cornerstone of Clash Royale ANZ.


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